Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk – 14.03.2010

This was a lovely day to go out for a “stroll” and the sun was shining for a change.   However the wind was still cold :-(.  It was a nice change to plan this walk – we had taken time out to look at a map and decide the route before we went!

Taking the train to the destination was a bit strange, however as in most instances I had been walking to the start (apart from the car if anyone recalls my previous blog!)      We started in Moor Park and although I have stood at the station many times before, we decided to go to the side of the station that we had never ever walked!  A surprise lay in store.  The a section of the “London Loop” started from here!  Having encountered this walk a couple of times before experience told me (See my entries for Hainualt / Rainham!)  – perhaps we shouldn’t follow the dreaded signs!

From 2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk

Still as it was part of our intended route, we decided to walk part of it anyway.  The walk followed the side of the Tube line, which in some ways, was quite disturbing.  It was a quiet wooded area, with lots of wildlife (mostly squirrels) – It was very beautiful and I was very impressed with the way the footpath was maintained.  The sun sparkled through the trees, and for a few moments you would forget that you were anywhere near any urban areas, that was until a tube train would thunder past!

From 2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk

The London Loop still continued to be signposted on the same planned route that we were walking (although it did seem to indicate that there was another route we could have chosen)  which was across some shrub land towards Hampermill Lane.    Again the signs were plentiful, so there was no chance of getting lost!  Sadly there were huge Pylons on this land which spoilt the area (I didn’t capture these on camera at all).  Before we knew it the shrubland turned into the Golf Course which was extremely well signposted (we guessed that the Golfers didn’t want walkers wandering onto any unwanted areas….)

The Golf course was very well maintained and the grass was incredible – particularly after all the snow we had just had!  I have no idea how they kept it so amazing – and yes it is is real!

From 2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk

There was absolutely no chance of getting lost here, a friendly golfer even pointed out the route at one point to us, just to ensure we knew the route across the course!    However, once we we off the course, the view was quite stunning – we could see Hampermill Lake, and over to Watford.  But yes, you’ve guessed it no more signs for the London Loop!

So we found a public Footpath pointing the direction of Hampermill Lane, which was it bit odd, the “Kissing Gates” were all new but the actual footpaths were badly maintained to say the least.    The footpath then became narrow and steep – luckily at this point Hertfordshire County Council had at least bothered to put some steps in!

It is at this point a little surprise awaited around the corner.  We came across a bridge which bemused us and then a building which neither of us knew existed.  Hampermill itself.  Unfortunately it is all private property so we couldnt look at properly 😦 but it has been beautifully restored from all accounts.  From what i have found out, it was part of the Manor at Oxhey and it has been there since 1542 and the name Hamper Mill has survived since 1556 – from when Thomas Heritage on lease from the Crown.  It has had a varied history since that time.  If you want to read more, I would encourage you to visit the British History website is a intriguing read!

From 2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk

I think we were very surprised at the extent of both land and the size of the lake itself.  The footpath took us through farmland – which was laying fallow at present – so who knows what crops lay in store?  As we left the farmland behind, we caught up with surburbia again.  The first thing we came across was the Ebury way – a 3.5-mile (5.6 km) Cycle Path running between Rickmansworth and Watford.  We  started to make our way down the track to find the Lairage Lane Nature Reserve but we didnt make it and being a cycle track it didnt really help when we were walkers!

Being back on the urban Streets of Watford after the peace and quiet of fields was a bit odd, but nevertheless still lead to some discoveries.  We found the old railway line which was the branchline to Croxley – which unusually for disused line – still had all the tracks still in place!

From 2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk

We then made our way back through the conrete Jungle of Watford to Cassiobury Park and to a scrumptious Sunday Lunch – YUM!

Sadly I cannot produce a map of our walk as most of it is a across Country and Google maps does  not allow for that :-(.

However, here are all my photos for the walk 🙂

2010 – 14.03.2010 – Moor Park – Cassiobury Park Walk



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