Angelfish’s Walkers Resources

Whilst preparing for my sponsored walks, I have been able to collect some valuable walking information, which I would like to share 🙂 Hopefully my walks and resources may encourage you to do your own!

1. How about…?
Sponsored Walk? Contact the Charity Direct, to request upcoming organised events
Sponsored Walk? Create your own walk/route and ensure that the charity are fully aware of your event.
Sponsored Walk? Whether it is organised or your own, make sure you train and enjoy the experience raising money for your chosen charity!
2. A list of paths that I have come across during my training / walking is available here
3. Suggestions to Walking / Outdoor Groups you could join by Area –
ENGLAND London Epping Forest Outdoor Group
ENGLAND Pontefract Pontefract & District Walking Group
WALES Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire Footsteps Walking Group
WALES Pembrokeshire Pembrokeshire Pawprints Walking Group Yes

**If you would like your walking group to be included please email me!**



4 responses to “Angelfish’s Walkers Resources

  1. Hi Angelfish. I came across your website because I am planning a walk near Looe. Presumably when you did the Trelawne Manor – Ten Acre Wood walk you were actually staying at Trelawne Manor? Is it possible for us to walk through the holiday park without being accused of trespassing if we are not actually staying there, as there is no right of way shown on the OS maps? Thanks, Alison

    • Hi

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes you correct in assuming that I was staying at Trewlawne Manor when I did the walk through Ten Acre Wood.

      However, we followed a “Walks around the Trewlane and Looe” which was available in the Manor. The walk took us through the wood and would have taken us to Looe via the Kilminorth Woods/Giants Hedge.

      There is a clear path through Ten Acre Wood to Trewlawne Manor but it is not great if you are walking from the manor into the woods as we found it very tricky to find at first it was not clearly marked. We did find the path confusing in the woods to follow as we discovered the path splits in place!

      If you end up by the river (East Looe River) there is a clearly marked river walk one way and a walk along the woods the other (or if I remember correctly the “Giants Hedge”?) which we did not have time to walk. That looked really nice.

      In answer to you question about whether you would be trespassing I can understand your point that if there is no right of way across the land that you would considered trespassing on private land. I will check the map that the Manor sold me to see if this has any notes about rights of way on this, to help you.



  2. Thanks for this. It sounds promising then, if it was on an official leaflet. We plan to walk from Looe to Caradon Campsite which is just the other side of Trelawne Manor. I will check with the campsite as well when I book with them. It looks a lovely part of the country 🙂

    • Hi

      Hope you have a lovely break. I am not sure how long your staying, or how much walking, but it is lovely part of the country. If you like coast path walking, Talland Bay is not far to walk and you should be able to walk to Polperro via the South West Coast Path, as Trelawne Manor is between Looe and Polperro. But that is just a suggestion. Have a lovely break what ever you decide to do.

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