Hainualt Country Park Walk – 24.05.2009

Hainault Forest? Not really heard much of that – perhaps King Henry VIII hunted there? I knew he hunted in Epping Forest! So what had a I let myself in for? How an earth can you fit a forest in London? Still worth investigating anyway.

The bus to hainualt drove very downtown areas – everyday areas – so where a forest was going to turn up from who could say… then suddenly the bus turned the corner into the countryside! The sun was shining over the fields – it was stunning

From 2009 – 24.05.2009 – Hainualt Country Park Walk

So a forest? Where now – it was only about a mile away from the bus stop, but in the heat of the sun, it didn’t really matter, oh I did however miss the boot sale that was on – all the signs where there – but couldn’t see any cars! Oops I think I missed it by ooh at least 3 weeks! Never mind..

Finding Hainault Forest Lodge wasn’t the problem, getting in was it was locked 😦 – sadly gates had very large padlocks on with “Restricted access” – so asking at the mountain bike place (which was new – having a touch of deja vu here from my last walk here!) they said sorry its all fenced off! so – to the country park it was… But readers if you do get to look that way the view over London is absolutely stunning!

The country park itself goes on for miles! amazing – how on earth does a forest fit in London!?! Resting by the lake after the walk from the bus stop (don’t be disheartened readers – it was very very hot that day – and needed energy) So peaceful – just as should be… mmm

Walking round the lake – Seeing Greylag Geese, coots, mallard ducks, white geese and we even got to see – baby geese (gosling) – seven of them – soo cute! The lake was alive with fish and tadpoles 🙂

From 2009 – 24.05.2009 – Hainualt Country Park Walk

Walking on from the lake, we round Foxburrows farm which had lots of little animals in it… so cute – and low behold had sheep in it… oh dear had a take a wrong turn into Wales LOL

Never mind and on into the walks into the forest itself, but which way? Going towards lambourne end rather than hogs hill (I just love those names!) Walking through the thick trees the sound of … yes…. a cuckoo! yes it was definetly a cuckoo – no I wasn’t dreaming!…. With the sun coming through the trees it was quite amazing… Sadly got ruined, when the path collided with Hainualt Golf Club and you could see a little golf buggy and people in their funny clobber! (didnt really go with the forest!)

Moved of this path to walk round the back of the country park and you realise you were up at the top of the hill, and there is quite a view! when you come out of the forest, just to peek, there is the millennium beacon (yes the ones that were lit on millennium nights back way back when!) and then a magnificent view

From 2009 – 24.05.2009 – Hainualt Country Park Walk

Going back into the forest to complete the walk to go back to the lake, we came across the guess what…. yes you guessed it… the London Loop! Yes I couldn’t believe my eyes! Well done Mr Mayor you can afford to put a London Loop sign in the middle of a forest but put any properly elsewhere?! Blimey… Ah but perhaps this was the way to Rainham Marshes after all LOL

Still finding our way back to the lake and through the rest of the park, it meant having to walk the extra back to the bus…. but on the way back we were treated to a delight of butterflies – peacocks – gorgeous

mmm beautiful day out – I think I will be going back to that forest – still can’t get over the fact that London had a forest in the first place.

Have to admit this training lark has opened up my world!


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