Upney – Grange Hill Walk – 07.03.2010

Again yet another unplanned walk!    Unfortunately most of this walk was not very scenenic and the part which was was quite crowded so unfortunately in those conditions I cannot take photographs 😦  Still I did manage to get some!

The Walk took us past Mayesbrook park – where I have mentioned previously – and eventually into Goodmayes.   Walking up Barley Lane – although I still cant find as to why it is called Barley Lane (I cant see any references to Barley fields etc)   – and it doesnt seem to be a lane with a huge hospital and it seems to go on for what seemed like miles!

Walking into Little Heath (very little to more precise) and across Eastern Avenue to Hainualt Road – It began to feel more green at last.    We thought perhaps we could find Fairlop Waters, as we knew this was on the way.  Oh and yes a brown sign with a yacht helped showing Fairlop Waters was nearby – that helped we were in the right direction. The sun was also shining!

From 2010 – 07.03.2010 – Upney – Grange Hill Walk

However, it wasn’t long before we caught up with a farm (which was was not too bad, and then a concrete factory – with the longest conveyer belt I had ever seen – It must have been at least 50 ft long (or more) – I think you had to see it to believe it!  shame really  They even shut a footpath because of it.  (they couldnt shut all of it to Billet Road – see the my photos on Picasa for that one)

As we walked on, we came to a Junction and aargh! we lost the signs (yet again!) for Fairlop waters – not just for walkers for motorists! so we just made a decision to walk to what looked a nice park instead.  So we going to have to find Fairlop another day.  (Or properly plan it – I now have the O/S map!)  Something did take me aback though was how high we were, as suddenly we had a view over Canary wharf and the City of London – ok not coastal – but look more impressive from afar!

From 2010 – 07.03.2010 – Upney – Grange Hill Walk

As the light was going to start to fade shortly we decided where to end the walk.  Looking at a local bus map, Grange Hill was decided.  Only knowing Grange Hill from the TV Series it was very odd to actually know I was going to visit it!  So we walked through residential Area to a tiny Underground Station called Grange Hill which is nothing to what I expected all.  Not a school in site 🙂

Click here for my  route map
These are all the photos (although not many this time)

2010 – 07.03.2010 – Upney – Grange Hill Walk



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