Aldenham Country Park Walk -22.08.2010

Late Sunday Morning and a Country Park.  A very different walk for me this week and not a road in sight! I have to admit the most beautiful thing about this park was the reservoir – which has some intriguing history behind it.   This  reservoir had been dug by French Napoleonic prisoners of war between 1795 – 1797  to maintain water levels in local rivers – for example the River Colne  following the construction of the Grand Union Canal!  The reservoir didn’t really look that old in some areas due to the concrete that had been used in recent years!!

It was good to see a lot of birdlife on the lake  mostly Coots, Ducks and Swans.    They did not seem to be bothered by the Sailing club that was very active on the lake – the reservior was obviously large enough for everyone!   It was not long before the  lovely “lakeside” path became encapsulated by trees – and it seemed a little gloomy 😦

However, the path bent round a corner only for us to come across one of my favourite (or not if you ever followed my blogs!) signs the “London Loop” – Section 15!  I have come across the “Loop” on other walks –   Hainualt Forest ( Part of Section 20), Moor Park (Part of Section 14) &  Rainham / Purfleet (Section 24) !

From 2010 – 22.08.2010 – Aldenham Country Park Walk

We continued our way down the path and we managed to peer through the trees to see the reservoir again, which looked rather tranquil… Although the birds on the lake were not! They were being very agressive to one another – Unfortunately I had the wrong camera to capture this display…

Crossing a bridge over one of the streams that feeds the reservoir – possibly Tykes Water Stream – it was not long before the “Lakeside Walk” ended.  The walk meets up with the Rarebreeds farm – which we did not go to on this occasion – and the Nature Trail.   We decided to take the trail.    The trail had numbered posts, the information boards did not relate to any of the numbers so we had no idea as to what they were all about!  I took photos of each interesting feature and have looked them up since!  I have to admit to not only been impressed and amazed by the woodland but by the artwork I found there.

This fallen Oak Tree, was estimated to be over 300 years old!  Sadly blown over after disease had weakened it’s roots.  A local artist Dan Cordell created a some beautiful images from the sad tree 🙂  .

From 2010 – 22.08.2010 – Aldenham Country Park Walk

We had completed the nature trail – which had showed us just how long a Woodland had been standing in this area!  So we were off to discover a totally different type of Wood – 100 Aker Wood – where Winnie the Pooh lives.  Honest!!!  Yes we discovered that – Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Eeyore and Piglet too, all live in Aldenham Country Park!

We came across Pooh Bridge first – although we didn’t stop to play “Pooh Sticks” – shame what a great way to waste some time!! 🙂   Going past Eeyore’s Gloomy place we then came across a massive Wooden sign pointing this way and that.  So, it would seem even Winnie The Pooh’s World even they can’t do without signs 🙂 !

We reached Pooh’s Corner… I did knock on the door but no one was in 😦  We continued past Piglets House and Kangas Tree or is that Owl’s Tree??  One thing was sure though, I was very pleased to know I had reached the North Pole (my next walking ambition for Charity maybe?!!)! Oh… the North Pole as discovered by Pooh Bear at any rate

From 2010 – 22.08.2010 – Aldenham Country Park Walk

Still hiking on from the treachorous North Pole we finally made our way to Rabbits House, fought our way bravely past the Heffalump Trap, made sure we weren’t distracted by the Hunny on the Bee Tree – all so we could catch up with Christopher Robin – but on his little house all it said was “Gon Out Bak Son” – oh well!

Saying Goodbye to 100 Aker Wood, it was not long before I noticed another footpath we could have taken.  A stile and a foot path through the field in front of us.  Trouble was there were about 20 or more cows and 1 angry bull in the field!  If you look at my photos you may spot two cows locking horns! They were not being very friendly at the time!  A decision was made not take this path!!

We did venture out of the park to see if we could meet up with the London Loop footpath on the “other side” but the path seem to elude us we just seem to be walking along the road forever and could not see how the loop met up with park at all!  Returning to the park, we strolled back to the reservoir and sat down for a while to enjoy the view – before heading back for a Sunday Lunch! (I am sure that Pooh Bear would have approved – well as long as Honey was involved !!)

For all the photos from the walk –

2010 – 22.08.2010 – Aldenham Country Park Walk



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