So the Summit or Not? (Snowdon – 06.05.2009)

Mmmm – The crumbliest, flakiest, milk chocolate, never tasted before…. (well you know how it goes!)….

Feet rested and a Cadbury Flake (sorry for the unashamed advertising there) but sadly it made a difference, or did it?

Looking over the lakes and over where we had just climbed, scrambled, been blown over and screamed – my breath was taken away by God’s artistry – He still never ceases to amaze me.  To see His handiwork is amazing – even if it is scary – the view wend over miles of welsh Countryside.

Still upwards it was, gusts of winds were getting stronger and even the friendly walkers “Good Luck” and the seventy year old (I swear that was his age – apologies if he was younger!) who said “it gets winder as you get higher!” – ouch!

Scrambling to find the path, and what seemed like holding on for dear life, while those passed nonchalantly as though they had walked that Welsh hill many times before – it was brought to mind – that the path you choose may always be difficult and narrow – but as long as you follow the right one you will get there!  I thought what a time to have a revelation!  I thought that was obvious – but not when the path didn’t look clear at all and was that the path anyways??? Did you really need to scramble those rocks (i.e was their another way around?) staying on the path did work in the end though.

Until the shining beacon of the stone that had been haunting us from the beginning of the trek i.e. is that where we are going?  Are they really people up there?  Yep that’s right the stone was only 100ft away and not longer a few 1,000 ft away!

Venturing across the stone – there was nothing the other side but view!  Unfortunately I will not blog my actual response.  Sheer drop either side.  Suddenly my fear of heights kicked in… Winds gusting roughly 27mph nearly knocked me flying ! (only tiny thing me!)

So Summit or no summit?

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