PenyPass to Glaslyn – Snowdon! – Part 2 – 06.05.2009

Leaving Pen-y-pass car park behind, and using the old Miners track – a nice gentle route (!?!) to start out with, the scenery is spectualar, the track sweeps around the bottom of Snowdon’s Horseshoe – the sights are truly amazing to behold.  It is difficult to imagine, how miners actually mined any sort of slate or indeed anything up in the wilds of the welsh highlands to be honest…. nothing around for miles!

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

The track sweeps around three lakes, and each in turn has water so clear that it could be drunk there and then.  But  again, whether there are any fish in there who knows… But according to Welsh legend, in the Glaslyn lake there is a monster…

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

Walkers were generally friendly people, with their cheery hellos, which was a great encouragement, and to know this was a well trodden path – it was very strange to keep passing the same people several times who kept looking at the map trying to look for a route to the summit – but leaving them behind, since they went a different direction.

Also past the disused mine, the sounds of childrens voices broke the eerie silence of the welsh valley – oh I recognise them the kids from the school that were on the ffestiniog railway from the day before – thats scary

The silence was broken by the sound of a helicopter.. mmm strange that, why was it so low? Mmmm why was it so near? In fact why did it sound the same height as where I was just standing – and then it flew past – oh **** (sorry no time to get the camera out!)

The need for chocolate overcame everything and a stop was needed

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

and a rest for the feet

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

9.5.09 13:17


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