:-( and :-) all at once! – Snowdon – 06.05.2009

The view from the top

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

Shock at that view was to say the least understated.  But with gusting winds and the route planned to come down, the route was to go up (they say what goes up must come down!)

Still fighting the winds didn’t come easy.  People walking past easily as if they had walked it many times before… But with the fear of a 3,000 ft drop in front and the rock climb just done, well for those out there, thinking, so you didnt make the top! Nothing to it, well, to those I say for someone who has never ever climbed a mountain before, afraid of heights, thats not bad really, I must admit I was not alone!  Thanks for your support I would never have done it without you

Only about 560ft short.  So what now?

Decisions had to made, to go over the top to the route to Bedgellert or walk to the summit to take the train?  Either way the top it seemed!  Ahha it was the worker from the Snowdon railway! Oi! Is there a train from the top?  No not until JUNE! – Oh dear…..  But a mile that way you can walk down and catch a train….

So the treacherous walk to the station was made – wind chucking about (no bars to hold onto…) very very exposed up there – made the first station – yes got to the station and asked some more workers – when is the train coming?

“Ah.. They are not running them this far up today – its far too dangerous – you will need to walk further down – wait yep you may be able to catch the last train – ”

So the further walk to the station was made  – getting on  that train eventually was wonderful – and I know that I got on that train having got up the mountain by walking and climbing and not by any train! – Exhausted, bruised battered and wits having been scared out of me it was a welcome relief.

So where did the train go?  Well Llanberis… If you have been reading my blog you remember the bus driver?  Yes will that Bus driver knew the route we were going!

The bus from Llanberis to Pen-y-Pass (the start) turned into the bus to Bedgelert – and when it stopped there – low and behold we picked up the very bus that we had originally planned to take back to Porthmadog! I think God was looking after us that day!

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