The walk from Porthmadog to Morfa Bychan

After what seemed like the longest train journey ever, the was the walk to a little caravan site. Well it was 2 1/2 miles. Although I was thinking at one stage that maybe was welsh miles perhaps? Out of the station and one false alarm, there was a turning to the borth road… Well this road involved a hill. So? A hill? For someone who has walked miles – what’s the problem – well when you are not in proper walking gear and have a dodgy wheely rucksack and underprepared it looked horrible – aargh!

But onwards! Then a sign (no a real sign honest) loomed into view it seemed a doodle – but the road went on and on and on and – well you get the idea LOL

Until caravans yes – I saw them in the distance – well for a brief moment. Then in a brief shock I saw some strange animals LLamas – what were they are doing in Wales?! Aah just sheep with longer legs LOL
Aah the village and the smell of fish and chips – and a caravan park sign 🙂 oh no a false alarm and wrong turn darn – and yet another sign

Couldn’t stand it any longer I turned to God and prayed – “please God let the next sign be the one” and guess what it loomed into view! Wow that was the fastest answer to prayer ever!
On arrival there was a total surprise the caravan was located in my Mums favourite bands area “The Snowdrops” LOL

Must admit on arrival I had the best cuppa ever and the short 2 12 miles felt more like 50 (perhaps this should have been the sponsored one :-))

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