Snowdon Or Bust – 06.05.2009

So today was the day ( or yesterday now!) The sun was shining but the wind was blowing. The route planned Pen-y-Pass via Snowdon to Bedgellert. Getting on the bus the driver asked “Do you know the bus times getting back?” I replied “Yes… Downloaded them off the web! Just need a single to Pen-y-Pass and then a single from Bedgellert back” (- reader bear with me on this level of detail!!) The bus driver said it was better to get a Sherpa Ticket – “you may want to visit a little place called Llanberis….” Agreeing to pay the fare thinking the man was very strange as we were off too Snowdon not sighseeing! We won’t have time too tour!

The bus went via the tiny village of Bedgellert and trundled down a tiny road to Pen-y-Pass… TBC

From 2009 – 07.05.2009 – Snowdon Walk

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