Black Rock Sands Beach Walk and disaster – 05.05.2009

Weather is clearing over cardigan bay – so a stroll to the beach was decided. Already I had discovered my trainers (waterproof / weatherproof / blah blah blah) had a hole in its sole and can not be saved 😦 – sorry not even Billy Graham could have helped! So using my little shoes I brought I ventured out to the dunes…

The sound of the sea roaring in my ear is amazing – powerful – then the amazing view in the distance (maybe Criccieth or Pwhelli – please forgive my spelling if you’re a welsh reader out there!The sunsetting over the town and Cathedral sitting on top of the rock. All I can say is God is an amazing artist!

From 2009 – 05.05.2009 – Black Rock Sands Walk

After a stroll down the beach, it was time to return to the caravan, but before you think short but sweet – it was decided to go via the dunes…

Dun… Dunn .. Daa … Or however the indiana jones tune goes – I raced up and down the dunes – but it was far more difficult than imagined – particulaly in little black shoes! Wildlife a plenty – well mainly rabbits – lots of them! Then disaster – my camera – yep I fell over and now I think it may be broken. So I am gonna have a problem now – no more piccys and even worse none of the snowdon venture 😦 – ah but there always a tomorrow!

All the walks adventures –

All the photos that I was able to rescue from the “Indiana Jones Stunt” are as follows –

2009 – 05.05.2009 – Black Rock Sands Walk



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