Hunton Bridge – Home Park Walk – 25.04.2010

Cricket, the essential British Sunday afternoon sport, we could see the classic Cricket pavillion, people chilled out watching the sport – no rushing – just enjoying – but not for us – we were just passing Hunton Bridge Cricket Club on our way to the Canal for our afternoon walk.

Walking past All Saints Church, and despite the Clouds, it all seemed like a lovely Country Village, that is until we had to cross the A41 a large and very busy road ūüė¶ to our destination – such a shame!¬†¬†¬† Crossing the Road, we came across the Old School House, which I have since found out was built in the 1720’s (Grade II listed building – Just to give you a flavour is a picture below –

From 2010 – 25.04.2010 – Hunton Bridge – Home Park Walk

We didn’t venture into Hunton Bridge this time, we walked straight on to the Canal Tow Path, and if you have been following this blog, you will know that we have been walking some of the Grand Union Canal before, but this is further up.¬† Having reached Ladys Capel Lock (Lock 74) previously – way back Click here to read my blog if you missed it! This was our chance to walk further!

With the Grand Union Canal walk pointing to Birmingham, we both thought we were not up to walking that far that afternoon!  Despite the canal running parallel to the A41, the scenery was not too bad, and the canalside was very calming.

From 2010 – 25.04.2010 – Hunton Bridge – Home Park Walk

Continuing our journey along the canal, it was quite good to see the wildlife was in abundance and spring was definetly around with baby duckling and baby coots…¬† As we left behind Hunton Bridge, we came across open shrubland which exposed the trainline the otherside of the canal, which gave me quite a surprise, Beehives, and quite a number of them too.¬† Obviously there is a local honey producer in the area.¬†¬† But I am unsure of who is responsible!!

It was then we came across a marker for Braunston to be 69 miles, which was quite reassuraing since in a previous set of photos it was 71 miles (I think!).¬† As we carried on, we saw a very odd sight. Cows.¬† No not the cows themselves, but the fact they were all huddled in one corner!¬† We think they were drinking from something but we couldn’t quite see, as we walked back later they had all mysteriously vanished… (very xfiles if you ask me…!)

From 2010 – 25.04.2010 – Hunton Bridge – Home Park Walk

Meandering on, we came across our first lock, North Grove (Lock 71) with a sweet little Lock keepers cottage.    It really feel like we were in a rural setting.   But not for long.  We were soon reminded by the trains that we were not and then we were confronted by the M25 of all things!

The M25 has been built right across this part of the country and the canal and looks very out of place, a massive concrete new bridge bang in the middle of rural britian!¬† Saying that though the current wildlife didn’t seem to notice.¬† On the otherside of this structure¬† We approached another lock by Kings Langley and the M25 was soon forgotten.¬†¬† Home Park lock.¬† It was busy with a lot of Canal traffic on its way to somewhere – and on a canal¬† 3 – 4mph is a great crusing speed unlike the M25 speeds of 70mph!

This is an idea of the Route we took, . All My photos are –

2010 – 25.04.2010 – Hunton Bridge – Home Park Walk



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