Grand Union Canal – Kings Langley – Apsley Mills Walk – 29.05.2011

This was my last (short) training walk before setting off for Offa’s Dyke.

Our walk was to take us down the Grand Union Canal. We had previously walked along stretch of the Canal from Hunton Bridge and decided to go further up the canal from the Home Park lock were we had finished the walk to find out what lay ahead.

We started out in “Kings Langley”. Which at one time, had it’s own a Royal Palace, which was used by Edward III during the 14th Century – a little hard to imagine these days in this now tranquil village. As a result the village historically held an important royal prerogative, the right to fly the Royal Standard until 1935 – this is probably why it is known as “Kings”. The name “Langley” derives from “Langelei”; a long meadow or clearing – which the area was no doubt was a long time ago!

We left the village behind, along Mill Lane, and crossed the canal, to stroll along the what is known as the “Grand Union Canal”. This once industrious canal which was mainly used for shipping things like coal now is synonymous with leisure craft instead. As we walking along, it did not take long for us to find evidence of the canal’s past.

In place it was obvious it had been a lot wider and was used as a mooring site for numerous craft. We were walking over the original edge of the canal. The other side of the fence, there was rubble, it seemed to be the sight of where was once a factory. A sad sign of the decline of industry and the canal’s use as the shipping tool for industry.

From 2011 – 29.05.2011 – Kings Langley – Apsley Mills

I am not sure how much further we were up from Home Park Lock, but there was a tell tale sign which we walked past – it was 67 miles to Braunston, where as it was only 69m from Home Park Lock! It still felt quite a way from contrast to when we walked from Ironbridge Lock where walked quite a while ago which was a mere 4 miles behind us!

We meandered on enjoying the cool canal breeze, and decided to walk up to the next canal lock. This took us up towards Apsley Mills. Instead of finding one lock we came across 2! 69 and 68 – I think I will be becoming a lock number spotter at this rate 🙂 !.

From 2011 – 29.05.2011 – Kings Langley – Apsley Mills

Near the two locks there was a very large housing development, which looked like it was being built over a large factory site – possibly an old mill site. The canal had an old route in to part of the site. It seemed that Apsley had lost some of it’s industrious heritage. Actually, we did not walk far enough, as the Apsley papermill still exists – more from me when we walk that way again :-). We decided to turn back at this point to head back to Kings Langley as we felt we had enjoyed our short walk.

When we returned to the original bridge to watch some swans looking after the gorgeous sygnets. It was off home after that for Sunday Lunch.

I felt ready for Offa’s Dyke after this last walk! Or was I?! All my photos for my last training walk are below –

2011 – 29.05.2011 – Kings Langley – Apsley Mills



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