Scillies – St Mary’s Coastal Path & Harrys Walls Walk – 19.06.2009

St Mary’s really is a small Island and I suppose in the two day stay I could have walked all of it, but I think as I had never visited the Island previously, I wanted to take in some of the history and culture of the island – including watching the pilot gig racing (row boat racing if that helps!) .  The one thing I couldn’t get used to was the use of the word Ennor (Cornish for St Mary’s) – scary really I kept thinking it was “Endor” – I was always expecting some Ewoks to appear!

It was decided to walk the other side of Hugh Town to see what was there.   Walking past the town beach, and the RNLI lifeboat station – we had to walk past the Islands only school (where the children can only study until they are 16 – after that they are packed off to the Mainland if they want to do their A Levels!)

Walking past Porthmellon beach – glistening with what I can only describe as glitter, the path took us round to “Harry’s Wall” – The 16th Century fort.  The Star Castle / Garrison which were on the other side of the harbour superseded this fort (hence it is unfinished!) – as it is positioned better to protect St Mary’s Sound – Harry’s Wall, however, could only protect St Mary’s Pool

From 2009 – 19.06.2009 – Harrys Walls Walk – Scillies

The path was well looked after and the flowers were so beautiful.  The path took you around the coast and as usual I saw what I thought was the route (no signs saying it was private etc) but it felt more like being Indiana Jones after climbing the little steps that were there!  I quickly abandoned that route and rejoined my companions, who quickly pointed out the obvious sign which they found around the corner to Harry’s Walls!

We walked back down via the Church direction (where a beautiful little flower festival was being held) onto Porthcressa beach – absolutely gorgeous!

From 2009 – 19.06.2009 – Harrys Walls Walk – Scillies

After a short interlude of tea, it was time to adventure along the Coastal Path, but as you walk along you soon come across a diversion and are soon pointed to another direction – ah all those memories of the loss of acorns, and the London loops signs suddenly sprung to mind!  Scillies was going to be no different then!  After walking past a lot of allotments, the path was obviously looked after for wildlife, and not for walkers (a good thing?)  I left my companion to sit and rest and I walked on

From 2009 – 20.06.2009 – St Marys Walk – Scillies

Needless to say I didn’t complete this walk as I needed to rejoin my companion, and we returned to the Porthcressa Beach. I am sure we will return there another time!

All the photos from this walk are –

2009 – 19.06.2009 – Harrys Walls Walk – Scillies

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