Scillies – St Mary’s – Garrison Walk – 18.06.2009

The Scilly Isles…. These are just off the toenail of England – 28 miles (45km) after a short trip on the boat (well nearly 3 hours short), it was really a time to go for a walk.

Just outside Hugh Town – the largest town on the Island, is where the Garrison is situated.  Amazingly, it is well preserved and you can walk around without having to worry about the “do not touch” or “do not walk here” signs!  Their was brief History lesson on the English Civil War and Francis Goldolphin in the Powder Magazine (where they used to store gunpowder!) – no nothing to do with the gunpowder plot – I was in a mix up with my 17th Century history as it was!

From 2009 – 18.06.2009 – Garrision Walk – St Marys – Scillies

The Walk takes you round the Walls of the Garrison, which has been made into the shape of a Star,  quite unusual, but probably quite a good tactical move – each area where the guns had been positioned had excellent look out over St Mary’s Sound.

We found out that signposts on roads are not widely used (or not all) on the islands and we found that on the paths – but to be fair the garrison walk was so well trodden it was obvious which way to walk – so when a “footpath” sign appeared it was a shock!  There were plenty of nature trails but we didn’t get time to wander off the coastal route.

From 2009 – 18.06.2009 – Garrision Walk – St Marys – Scillies

Walking round I was getting confused with some of the sign names as I have to admit to never have seen so many battery’s in all my life! – I had to admit these were not Duracell or rechargeable but gun battery’s built in the 17th Century!

As the walk was ending, a strange occurrence happened with the birds, they are very tame on this island – its amazing – not like the seagulls in St Ives (warning never to eat pasty unguarded in this place!) a thrush literally hopped in front of me and straight past me! Incredible.

Well the walk ended by the Duchy of Cornwall Offices and at last back round the entire garrison – gorgeous views – but may need to see those nature trails and the campsite at some point in the future.

All the photos are –

2009 – 18.06.2009 – Garrision Walk – St Marys – Scillies



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