Eastbrookend Country Park – 07.11.2010

Firstly,  this was very short as light stopped walk!  I think we not really planned this very well at all, the hour changing in the previous week made so much difference – and by leaving just the little bit later – we really did notice the light fading very quickly!

Our aim was to go to Eastbrookend Country Park, where we had visited some of it previously.    This particular Country Park has been created from derelict / waste land.     On research, some of the area was used as landfill for rubble for what was from the blitz, whereas some of it was also a Gravel workings site near the River Rom.   The park  was open in the mid 90’s and I am sure the locals would have seen a very big difference!   It looked very rural to me 🙂

From 2010 – 07.11.2010 – Eastbrookend Country Park Walk

We started wander around the park, and the first thing we came across a large wooden sign with the letter”E” engraved on it.  Although I am still not too sure what it may be,  it suspiciously looked like a footpath/waymarker sign to me.  In fact it could be the Eastbrookend Timberland Trail but I am still looking this up!   This will be a nice a nice footpath to follow, if this is the case, on our return to this park!

Sadly, we had noticed the light was fading already as we had vastly misjudged the time to get to the park in the first instance!  As we left Eastbrookend Country Park behind, confusion reigned.    We were unsure as to where we were for  a while – particularly in the dark!    After regaining our bearings, we realised we were in Dagenham Central Park.   It was here I noticed a small stone plaque on my way thought the park which commemorated the 21st Anniversary of the Girls Life Brigade Dagenham District Battalion – Can anyone remember this event? As I am unable to I find any information I can link too?

From 2010 – 07.11.2010 – Eastbrookend Country Park Walk

So why did I blog such a short walk?    As an introduction to this park and of course to remind me to return! 🙂  All the photos of the short walk  please click on the photo below!  (You can see how dark it was and this is only 5pm!)-

2010 – 07.11.2010 – Eastbrookend Country Park Walk



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