Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

Feeling fully prepared, with map and directions, setting out from Harrow on the Hill Station the walk did not feel too daunting. A very urban walk in feel, with mainly pavements and roadways, it really was a good preparation for the London Moonwalk 2016. Starting out, with the landscape full of shops and houses, it was nice to see a wonderful pair of ornate wrought iron gates, stuck between the more modern buildings. These gates hid Harrow Recreation ground just behind them. The ground was established in 1885 and had numerous facilities for local sports club and a Bowls Club amongst them. The gates themselves date from when the ground opened and in the early C19th, making it a very grand entrance to the sports ground!

From 2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

Passing by the ground, I continued my walk onwards alongside the extremely busy roadway. The route then took me away from the road, to a much quieter area, where houses alone lined the streets. It seemed quite some time before I came across some open space. This was “Yeading Brook” open space, just on the entrance to the space was a number of fruit trees. The trees were quite young and had not grown to their full potential. This was Yeading Brook community Orchard, no long planted I should imagine, surprising to find an Orchard in the middle of a housing estate! As I passed the trees, I was a little shaken when I could not locate any road names, after what seemed like a lengthy decision on my part, I continued onwards hoping I was going in the right direction! As I made my way onwards, I discovered another set of iron gates, but this time not so grand in style. They did not hide such a sports ground behind them, but an area with a much more gentile use, Pinner Village Gardens.

From 2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

I did not have time to go in and relax in the park, but from the entrance I could see it was well maintained. The roadway eventually took me onto Bridle road, whose name had derived its name in C19th, when it became a 20ft wide bridleway, as part of the surrounding village Ruislip Enclosure Act. As I strolled along the Bridle way, I spotted across the road, the Tudor Lodge Hotel. Surviving Britain’s turbulent history from the C15th when it was built, used as a hospital in the First World War, and being owned by a direct descendent of the Scottish renegade Rob Roy the Lodge is now a beautiful hotel! The route had now taken me to the village of “Eastcote”, such a pretty name, invoking an image of a Dovecote! In reality the village name dates from C13th meaning “Eastern Cottages”, when it was “born” as a mediaeval village just east of the Manor of Ruislip. Seeing “Eastcote Manor Gardens”, on the right of me I progressed around the park, to peer inside.

From 2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

Although the park looked extremely delightful and very inviting on this spring like day, I decided not to proceed any further into the gardens. I thought I might wander through on another occasion find out more! I crossed over the road and found a small river, this was the “River Pinn”, at almost 12 miles long rising from Harrow Weald to the Thames, would be great to follow on a walk! Crossing the Art Deco bridge, I continued to en-route, taking me uphill. As it did so, I suddenly run out of roadway! The lane turned into a very muddy Public Footpath! According to my original map this should have been Wiltshire lane to take me across “Haste Hill Golf Course”. I struggled my way through the mud which was very thick in places, I was so glad that I had my trusty walking stick to stop me from falling over! Eventually the path opened out onto the top of the golf course where I was treated to a wonderful view. The paths came to a junction either to continue around the course or to rejoin the suburban street. I choose to come away from muddy path and back onto roadway, which ran parallel to the golf course. It would have been more pleasant to view, if there had been less tree coverage.

From 2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

Finally reaching the end of the golf course, I found a sign for the “Gravel Pits”, an area which was deemed to be a public amenity during Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee! Not bad for a gravel pits which were originally for road repairs! I will need to come back and see these for myself! I carried on along the road, which had taken me towards Batchworth Heath, which hosted 2 local pubs within metres of each other! One of those inns “Ye Olde Green Manne”, caught my attention, not only has it appeared in the dark world of Midsomer Murders, it also found fame in the films of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Genevieve and Withnail & I. Just opposite I spotted a large stone Gateway. Hiding behind the gates was, where a World War II battle the planned, and a large C17th Mansion stands, mostly surrounded by Moor Park Golf Club! I continued on, with Batchworth Heath on the other side of me, my route was to follow the “London Road” although it was quite a long stretch of road the scenery was quite lovely, particularly as if started its descent downhill.

From 2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk

My route had now taken me into Ricksmanworth, where I found that I was crossing a large waterway. This was the Grand Union Canal, I should have recognised it as I had walked this stretch previously. Walking over the canal and onwards, I turned into “Riverside Drive”, aptly named as it runs alongside the River Colne. Between the trees, I could see some lakes which were part of the Ricksmanworth Aquadrome which was particularly occupied with boats and water skiiers! I continued on into Rickmansworth, past the station and turned into the Chorleywood Road. This road was extremely busy and very large, I found it very worrying when I had to cross over the M25 I most definitely did not look down. It was not long before the Road began to shrink in size, at the next junction I took the opportunity to turn down Dog Kennel Lane. This took me onto ChorleyWood Common, which was great to see after my last walk. It was really beautiful, although very muddy, it really was a clearing amongst the trees! Strolling on through people sitting around enjoying the day, locals walking dogs, people flying kites and I finally made my way to the station where I ended my lovely walk for the day.

Route is as follows –

Please feel free to browse through the photos for my walk by clicking on the photo below

2016 – 12.03.2016 – Harrow – Chorleywood Walk



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