Stoke Mandeville – Wendover Walk

With balmy temperatures, well for January anyway, it really felt spring had sprung. Certainly a nice time for a pleasant Short Sunday stroll. In contrast to the previous week before, when it was cold and snow was all around me. Now the surrounding scenery was much greener and winter felt like a distant memory. We decided to wander on from Stoke Mandeville where I had previously walked, whilst enjoying the spring weather. On this occasion we decided not to walk out in the open countryside, just walk alongside the road. I really didn’t mind as the density of trees around made the walk particularly pleasant and the road was not particularly busy.

From 2016 – 24.01.2016 Wendover Walk

Further along the road, there was a sudden gap in the tree-line, giving us a glimpse of the what lay beyond. In the distance across the field there were houses and then rolling hills. From just this quick glance I certainly thought that it would be nice to see more and maybe walk them! As we walked on the trees finally cleared from the other side of the road and we could see the hills much more clearly, definitely worth investigating. Sadly it had clouded over, so I was unable to capture them in my photos :(. As we continued on, I was quite stunned to observe that a snow and rain had cause some localised flooding. Water had risen so much so it was half way up some of the trees and was spilling onto the paths. It seemed that the Local Ducks really were the only ones that benefited from the rising waters!

From 2016 – 24.01.2016 Wendover Walk

We enjoyed looking at the ever changing landscape as we walked on, but it all seemed a little dull as the clouds had settled in for the rest of the day. We soon reached “Wendover” village, as soon as I was pondering the name or origin of the village, I spotted very odd on the opposite side of the road, but it looked similar to something I had seen Quainton village. The building was an old windmill, was built in 1800 and during 1900 it was converted to a home. It was reportedly it would have been the 2nd largest in England. The Mill It is now a B & B and if you so wish you could stay there!

From 2016 – 24.01.2016 Wendover Walk

We walked onwards onto the small village of Wendover, which was quite charming. At the end of the small high street we crossed the road to look at the small clock tower. The Tower has quite some significance for Wendover, it has served as a Market hall, the local fire station and a prison cell!! I think it is now a the local tourist information office, which is nice as right next door, I spotted a sign for the ridgeway. I found the ridgeway trail, last week on my walk through the snow, it was nice that I was joining up parts of the route!

From 2016 – 24.01.2016 Wendover Walk

Just as we were deciding to end our walk for the day, I spotted a very large tudor looking building, “The Red Lion Hotel”. This was a C16th Coaching Inn, where it has been rumoured that Oliver Cromwell stayed and spoke to his troops from one of the upstairs windows. With much difficulty we decided not go in, and walk on but as we did so, we found another pub! This was the “Shoulder of Mutton”, although this had Tudor features in fact this was an C18th building. If we had decided to end the walk and head home, we would have been spoilt for choice for a warm and cosy place to have a drink! We headed to Wendover station to end our walk for the afternoon, but I think we may return to Wendover to sample its delights!

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2016 – 24.01.2016 Wendover Walk



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