Aylesbury – Quainton – Waddesdon

“I was going down to Aylesbury t’was on a market day,
There came a little Aylesbury girl a jogging on the way,
Her business was to market with butter cheese and whey…”
c 1720

I may not have been jogging through Aylesbury today, although I was walking through the market square, but it was not market day! What a great little song about Aylesbury, indeed there is a Welsh song entitled “Aylesbury” too, from a book known as, “Llawlyfr Moliant”, by a Dr Greene. All written in Welsh, therefore if you are fluent in Welsh, please free to enlighten us as to the meaning of the lyrics! I made my way across the market place and through the town centre and out on to the roads just outside of the town. I followed the roads which took me further outside of the Aylesbury town. Just as the walking the roadside had become bland and indifferent to walk, it took just crossing a large and noisy road, to find the landscape soon began to change from urban to a countryside feel

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

Passing by a small country pub, I soon walked past the entrance to the “Riverside walk”, although I did not tackle this particular walk today! I decided to carry onwards to follow the roadway, I was not that disappointed, as the street was to take me past some lovely open green space. Although as I followed the pavement onwards the space was short-lived, as it soon brought me up towards a new housing development. I decided to meander through the houses which was too take me out onto a large road, but was set in some great Countryside. Despite being a sizeable roadway, it really was quite quiet, quite a contrast from the roads I had experienced on my London walks! I really could appreciate the space and beauty surrounding me without worrying about getting stuck on a muddy footpath LOL.

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

I walked alongside the roadside for quite some way until I reached a roundabout where I decided to change my route and turn off. I found myself walking into a small housing estate, which I found to be very odd as it was still being built… The estate suddenly came to an abrupt end and the new road faded into an old country lane, which was a very odd indeed! For the majority of the next few miles, I was tackling lanes without any pavements at all, thankfully they were not that much a of a nightmare to walk. Despite having to concentrate on the road I was able to enjoy the countryside around me, which was mostly farmers fields, the scenery was really quite beautiful. I even came across a number of public footpaths along the route including the “Aylesbury Ring”. I will be investigating this route in due course! Eventually I heard some beautiful church bells ringing out. They even had a wooden stool for people to stand on so they could gaze at the church and surrounding fields – how odd!

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

As I turned the corner away from the church, I rejoined pavements and found myself walking into the pretty or should I said “quaint” village of Quainton. I was walking past beautiful little cottages, most of them were thatched, until I reached the tiny little village green. It was almost walking into a village on a Chocolate Box picture, but only for real, it was so quintessentially English. As I wandered to the top of the green, I saw a tall structure which had a shape resembling a windmill. Despite the lack of sales and roof cap, the building was very recognisable in shape and if I had visited only 8 years early I would have seen the Quainton windmill when it was in its former glory! Originally built in the early C19th the windmill only operated for 50 years, it fell into decline and sadly became derelict. It was not until the 1970’s it was rescued when one of the descendants of the original millers decided to restore the mill to its former glory. Despite the restoration, the mill still needs further help as the cap needed to be replaced, lets hope the windmill is restored once more!

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

I turned around from the windmill so that I could once again resume my walk through the village. As I started to walk across the green once more, there was a lovely view in the distance, hopefully this was were I was heading! I rejoined the pathway, I found that my route had joined two more paths – “Bernwood Jubilee Way” and “North Bucks Way” – yet more for me to discover in time! I continued to follow the route around the Quainton Cottages, past the old village water pump and onto “Station Road”. As I walked along the road, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me as I heard lots of Victorian Organ Music! Striding onwards, the music became just that little bit louder, and it was then I thought I heard a steam train whistle! I was soon to discover that I had walked to the “Buckinghamshire Railway Centre”, which was in full steam!

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre originated from the “London Preservation Society” who set up here in the late 1960s. Expanding from the original abandoned “Quainton Road” Station, it has expanded to include about 170 items of steam rolling stock and another railway station! It was so odd to see such a lively steam centre in such a sleepy and quiet part of the countryside! “Quainton Road” Station was originally developed in the late C19th, by the Duke of Buckingham to bring passenger services to the area. This became known as the “Brill Tramway”, the tramway was eventually was taken over the Grand Central Railway and the Metropolitan Railway. However, the tramway eventually closed in the 1930s and it was in the mid-1960s that the entire line closed. The Buckinghamshire Train centre was founded by the London Railway Preservation Society, in 1969. The centre is still thriving today and it was full evidence when I saw quite a number of steam trains making there way around the depot!

From Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

As I was walking away from the station, I noticed a public footpath sign for the “Outer Aylesbury Ring” and the “Brill Tramway”. It seems that the tramway route can still be found! From here I followed the lanes around, to find myself walking to the pretty village of Waddesdon. Despite the large road that cuts through this little village, the buildings all around seemed to be from a very different century! After passsing by the Almshouses, I spotted across the road the “Hygienic Steam Bakery”. I very much doubt that this is still a bakery just a sign from a bygone era :(. Further along I came across a very gothic looking building, this was the “Five Arrows” hotel, which looked pretty spectacular. It was here I spotted the gates to Waddedson Manor, although I did not have time to pop in and find out more!

It was here that I really ended my walk for the day. The scenery was quite lovely, yet another gate and gatehouse to the manor which was set near some wonderful landscape! This did distract from my seemingly long walk along a large road back to Aylesbury and to head back for dinner!

All the photos click here –

Aylesbury – Waddeson Walk

The route is as follows –


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