Edgware – High Barnet Walk – 08.03.2015

Determined to pick up some of the walk I had left the previous week, I set off with a reasonable stride and at least an idea of where I might be going! However, as I started off on my route, I soon found myself wandering away from my original thoughts. It was not long before I spotted something unusual on the other side of the road, what seemed to be decaying strut of an old bridge. Fascinated, I crossed over to take a closer look. It did not really help and I was unable to get any nearer, it really was a curiosity. Once I was across the road I headed into Edgwarebury Park, where I attempted to see if I could see any more of these remains by walking just beyond the park perimeters, but all I could see was fields, and nothing more. I have now learned that this bridge structure would once have been part of the planned extension of the Northern Line to Bushey Heath from Edgware. If I had been able to walk some of these fields, apparently more structures exists were stations were planned to be built for commuters to rush into London, now abandoned just decaying monuments to something that could have been.

From 2015 – 08.03.2015 – Edgware – High Barnet

I made my way through Edgwarebury Park and onwards to join the Bridleway to take me onto Elstree. The bridleway was pleasant to walk, and having been this way before it lovely to walk once again. I often felt that I was in open countryside, particularly when I passed by Bury Farm. However, the path did cross the M1 Motorway and the countryside feel was lost when it was quite noisy indeed! Just past the motorway bridge, the footpaths atmosphere changed from open landscape, to being enclosed by trees and darkness. The only brightness I could find to enjoy was spotting the “Edgwarebury Hotel” (now known as the Laura Ashley Manor Hotel). It has had famous visitors such as Peter Sellers, Tom Cruise and John Cleese as the manor has been a popular place as a filming location. It’s beautiful wood, however, is said to have come from ships that actually fought in the Spanish Armada in the C16th ! Leaving the path behind, I rejoined pavements, where I found the “London Loop”, which I thought that I would try to follow, which I am never sure is a good idea, but I thought “hey ho! Why not? I never know I might actually get some where this time LOL”. So I duly followed the route and it took me away from the pavements and onto the “Scratchwood Nature Reserve”.

From 2015 – 08.03.2015 – Edgware – High Barnet

The loop took me in and out of woodland and an occasional gap in the trees, gave me a view across the adjoining farmland. As I followed the path around, I came out into a green space, and was a little bemused by the London Loop signs for a moment as they were difficult to spot. Having found my way to the next part of the path, I was a little perturbed as this time the footpath was much muddier and the woodland was much more dense making everything so much darker 😦 . Fighting my way through the mud and trees, it eventually came out onto green and had led me out onto a very large road. To continue following the loop, it was too take me along the roadside and under a large subway, passing by Mill Hill Golf Club. I found I had reached “Moat Mount Open Space”., a name I vaguely recognised from a previous walk that I had carried out. I noticed that this was the end of the “Dollis Valley Greenwalk”, some of which I had tackled before! It was nice to know I was about to join up the rest of the walk πŸ™‚ As for both “Scratchwood” and “Moat Mount Open Space” in ages past they were both part of the ancient Middlesex Forest, hard to imagine in 2015! The woodland became tamed and cultivated over hundreds and hundreds of years, and in much more recent history it was part of the Cox estate. The London Barrister Edwin Cox built a large mansion on the site, and developed the landscape around him with an ornamental lake and plants. Sadly it did not last in his family and the mansion was destroyed by a fire, the lands were passed on Barnet Council and they are now for the public to enjoy πŸ™‚ !

From 2015 – 08.03.2015 – Edgware – High Barnet

As the Dollis Valley Greenwalk and the London Loop collided at this point, as was able I follow both routes. I found myself looking for the Dollis valley markers as these were easier to find amongst the trees. I thought that I had tackled enough mud in Scratchwood, but in some areas it was just as bad! However, the views from the muddy track certainly made up for it πŸ™‚ The signs were quite clear to cross the other side of the road, but it was a little worrying when the “Old Cholmelian Sports Club” opposite! The footpath lay just beside the entrance to the club, so it did not take long to find! The path was about to take me across “Totteridge Fields Nature Reserve”

From 2015 – 08.03.2015 – Edgware – High Barnet

The reserve was quite pleasant to walk across, the whole area is looked after by the London Wildlife Trust. Not surprising really as this is a beautiful open space :). I am sure if I more time, I may have been able to see some wildlife and even had spotted a Kestrel circling in the sky! I continued following the Path through the reserve and followed it round through the playing field. The valley walk and loop was taking me behind urban dwellings and onwards. The area was beginning to look familiar as I realised I was joining a previous walk I had done way back. Following the route around, I walked through the delightful Barnet Playing Fields, and arrived in High Barnet. It was here I found the sign for Section 16 of the London Loop most of which I have walked before! So I decided to end the walk for the morning πŸ™‚ .

Photos for the walk for the whole morning are available by clicking on the photo below –

2015 – 08.03.2015 – Edgware – High Barnet



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