Berwick Upon Tweed Walk – 21.05.2011

This was to be our last walk in Berwick. After our long walk around the town on the previous day or so, what else where we to find?  We decided to change our route out of the caravan park, taking the coast path instead of the usual town road via the station. We passed by Berwick Upon Tweed Castle Watchtower, which had once been part of the Berwick Upon Tweeds Castle. This impressive tower had a prominent position, which gave it a lovely view across the bay.

From 2011 – 20.05.2011 – Berwick Upon Tweed Walk

The path turned off the coastal route into road. We were surprised to be faced with a fishing boat in the middle of a road! In fact we were in Low Greens – in the heart of an old fishing community.   The community was actually known as the Greenses Arabs – as they were a community of Flemish, Portuguese,  French, Spanish and locals.  The  harbour had been in existence since the 1700’s right up until the mid 20th Century.  The main catch was Salmon.   Sadly the harbour no longer exists – but the area is very much a close local knit community.

As we turned away from low greens, it was not long before we found ourselves at castlegate. Obviously this was the shortcut we had been missing all the time we had been staying there! As we made our way the the archway, I noted that the supermarket car park was at one time a cattle market which had been established way back in 1886.

We made our way through our way along the high street and passed the town hall and the old berwick stocks (and no I wasn’t put in them!). It was not long before we were walking the back streets of Berwick and we found not one but two references to Lowry that we did not find previously. The first was “Sally Port” and the second was “Dewars Lane” which L.S Lowry had captured in pencil. As we turned around the corner to take one last look at the River tweed, we came across “Sally Port” which was another one of Lowry’s creations. It seems he had been everywhere in Berwick!

From 2011 – 20.05.2011 – Berwick Upon Tweed Walk

We just had time to stop in a local cafe to try a local ice cream – Doddingtons diary to be precise! Yum Yum! Before finishing our walk and in fact our break in Northumberland!

For all the photos for the shortest walk of the break –

2011 – 20.05.2011 – Berwick Upon Tweed Walk



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