Chase Nature Reserve Walk – 13.03.2011

With the sunsetting, and a walk that we had seemingly done before this all looks a bit odd?  Well, for March it was rather beautiful to be able to start out quite late and walk in the light of the setting sun so early in th year :-).   Despite walked part of the Chase nature reserve before,  I had spotted another walk when I passed by it on my way to Harrow Lodge Park, and I couldn’t resist walking an area which we hadn’t tried before!

They always say “Red Sky at Night *Shepherd’s Delight” and this evening was proving no exception,  it was a truly stunning sight to behold and after a cloudy day, it was worth making this an evening walk

From 2011 – 13.03.2011 – Chase Nature Reserve Walk

(*some do know this as sailors)

The Chase was a originally known for it’s Gravel Pits right up until the 1970’s.  These were eventually filled in and left to let wildlife reclaim the land once again in the form of wetlands and grasslands.  It seems that Horses have played a very important role in keeping the reserve in a natural state.  The London Wildlife Trust now manage the area.

I have to admit that although we didn’t see the horses, the hoof marks were in abundance and had definitely churned up a lot of mud to walk through!   So, apart from the birds that were singing their twilight song, the only other wildlife we could spot were plenty of rabbits.  There were lots of them!      They did not seem so appreciative of us walking through their quiet reserve!    I was surprised to seem them in such a marshy area….

From 2011 – 13.03.2011 – Chase Nature Reserve Walk

Although we could have continued our way through the reserve, we felt that we didn’t in this instance want to continue on this route, since we had joined up with our other route from earlier this year.  So we decided at this point to turn off the reserve to Eastbrookend Country Park – as it is adjacent to the Chase.   It is quite nice that this Country Park is a lot larger than we had originally realised and had a few more “ponds”/”lakes” (mainly used for fishing)  as well. We did discover that these were not the ones we had walked around last time.    It was also nice to know we were not alone on this twilight walk either.    As we were finishing the walk in the park, I was able to grab a few more photos as the sun was truly setting over the fishing lake

From 2011 – 13.03.2011 – Chase Nature Reserve Walk

Although this was a relatively short walk for us, it was nice to be able to have our first twilight walk of the year, and to be comfortable with walking with sunset walks. For all the photos for the stroll –

2011 – 13.03.2011 – Chase Nature Reserve Walk



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