Happy Christmas!

Well Christmas 2010 is almost upon us and with snow in abundance who knows it may even be a white Christmas – who knows?

For me on the other hand it has meant that I have been unable to undertake any walks for the past few weeks which has been frustrating as the cold has unfortunately provided with illness to boot!

However, we should now be looking forward – with the New Year looming – we already have plans – perhaps Scarfell Pike, much more of South Wales (Pembrokeshire) and North Wales to do – amongst others!! We are planning to train for another charity walk again but we have a busy year ahead personally so we shall see.

Firstly, if I promised to walk with you I sincerely apologise for my lack of keeping in touch, it is remiss of me – and promise to be in touch soon!

Thank you for all your walking suggestions – I have started some – and kept a list of others to visit but I just run out of time – so don’t think any suggestions ever go wasted!

I also appreciate comments on my site too, I try to research as much as can, but again time is my enemy 😦

I sincerely wish you a very happy Christmas time whatever you do my dear readers – your support by merely reading this blog, being my family with your support on my walks, helping the charities when we walked in Scotland, your kind words via tweets (if you follow me on Twitter) has meant the world to me and I cannot thank you all enough!!


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