Minehead Walk – 13.10.2010

Minehead boasts a very significant spots – particularly for walkers!   So this blog may be short but I just wanted to highlight the importance of this little seaside town.

Having arrived on the Steam Train (one of the enjoyable ways to arrive into town!) we set off to the seafront.  We set off on our search.  Search for what though?  The start of the South West Coast Path!  The Path which is 630 miles Long ~ 1013 km long and it begins (or ends depending how you look at it!!) right here!  Having walked very few parts of the path back in 2008 – Cornwall and some in Devon it was nice to see a starting point! So if anyone else is attempting to start this path – this would a great beginning!

From 2010 – 13.10.2010 – Minehead Walk

We also made another discovery at the same time. I mentioned in my previous blog around Watchet about a Seashell adorning a post… and wondering what this represented. Well I found out! This is the West Somerset Coast Path – this is approximately 25 miles in length ~40km and ends in Steart, Somerset and meanders through the Quantock hills.

We then decided to take a little look around the town, which I thought I would share with you!  I must admit it is a quaint place and having been here many years ago, it has definitely not lost it’s charm.  We walked up to Wellington Square, were I was particularly struck by a Statue of Queen Anne.     The Sculptor of this lovely statue was Francis Bird – more famous for his sculptures in St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey – not a small sculpture in Somerset!  It was the Member of Parliament for Minehead in 1699 who had seen the work of Francis Bird and admirer of Queen Anne and commissioned the work for Minehead!

From 2010 – 13.10.2010 – Minehead Walk

We decided to take a walk back to the front which was to be enjoyed as the sun had arrived 🙂 just for that moment in time it felt like the words of Daniel Defoe (The writer of Robinson Crusoe),  which he wrote in 1716 about Minehead when he visited, “the best port and safest harbour on this side of all these counties” was very apt.

We made our way to Butlins which has been open since 1962. It has certainly changed over the years – mostly undercover! An interesting website that I would recommend for Butlins Memories click here !  Still it was time to go, but not before I indulged in last ice cream and catch last of the sun!  I am sure we will back here at some point to continue the South West Coast Path and the West Somerset Coast Path – but I will not sure when

2010 – 13.10.2010 – Minehead Walk



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