Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk – 01.08.2010

We’re with the Woolwich!! – that was the old saying anyway!

Our walk started out from Woolwich station and through the residential areas towards Winn’s Common, which was our destination.  We had a bit of a shaky start by taking a wrong turning – whoops!   We managed to set ourselves in the correct direction and soon found ourselves at Plumstead common with a small surprise in store – a pub… a pub!?! Actually it was the “Old Mill” – Originally in the 1820’s it was a Windmill (the orginal tower is still visible) but sadly after an accident in 1848 it was converted to a Brewhouse and now it is known as the Old Mill Pub!!

From 2010 – 01.08.2010 – Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk

We continued past Plumstead (which means “place where the plum trees grow”) common, and onto Winn’s Common (with a little discovery on the way of the Green Chain Walk – which I will come on to later!).   Both commons seem to be interlinked and in fact Plumstead common has quite a lot of history, particularly as it was in the Domesday book!  It was quite interesting to see that Winn Common had a Bronze Age Burial ground still visible!  I am still surprised at what I am learning on these walks!

We decided that although we had only had a short walk to the common, it was time for some lunch, so we sat and enjoyed the view over London for a short while.  It was after that we decided to completely improvise the walk.  In fact, we took the Green Chain Walk and I was a little taken aback by what was in store.  The walk we took was to take us to Lesnes Abbey.  At first some of the features of the walk reminded me very much of the West Highland Way!  It took us in the middle of a wood that was very unexpected –

From 2010 – 01.08.2010 – Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk

I have to admit the signs were excellent on this walk – and they far exceeded the London Loop!  But alas, before we knew it we were out on a road, and in surburbia 😦 never mind. The route then took us across a small parkland and we were soon back in woodland – Borstall Woods to be precise.  Again this did not “feel” like we were “in” London – however, the biggest shame was that even when were in the thick of the woods we could still hear the traffic 😦  Again there was no likelihood of getting lost – the walk was extremely well marked out!

Borstall woods did not feel particularly large or menacing- in fact they seemed very well managed and looked after.   I have found at that these woods were a once the haunt of highwayman – and in fact if we had been able to explore, we may have been able to find the cave which has been named after the famous Dick Turpin where he used to hide! (Perhaps we may have had more luck than we did trying to find Rob Roys Cave!!)

From 2010 – 01.08.2010 – Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk

Once the path had led us out of the wood, it took us past a bowling green and into another open space.    The Green Chain walk was marked out reasonably well and on this occasion we had have to cross a road from the heath! (so if you do follow this route keep your eyes pealed!) This part of the route was a bit odd taking us through a residential area directly into Lesnes Abbey Woods.

The woods were dark and foreboding unlike Borstall woods. The woods, did have something good in store though – a lake – with some good birdlife – coots and moorhens. So perhaps these woods were no so much foreboding just kept this way as nature intended… It was at this point the walk came to an end. and there were no signs! Just left or right – Oh dear! Improvising – we just went right. Good guess as we came out of the woods and crossed the road we saw a sign to Lesnes Abbey!

We had rejoined the Green Chain Walk and found the abbey. Lesnes Abbey itself is just a ruin – but still worthwhile to visit. In fact has a curious history behind its original foundation! It is believed that this abbey, which was founded by Richard De Luci in 1178 as an act of Penance over the murder of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral!

From 2010 – 01.08.2010 – Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk

Having decided that this was the end of our Sunday “Stroll” we continued on to Abbey Wood Station, and headed back for a very late lunch (much later than originally intended !!)

2010 – 01.08.2010 – Woolwich – Abbey Wood Walk



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