West Highland Way – Kinlochleven – Kingshouse Walk – 08.06.2010

Having revived ourselves from our first day of walking, we were now ready to set foot on the Way again.    It seemed to us that we were the only ones on the beginning of their journey when everyone else were just ending their after chatting with other walkers that morning!!  Once we had secured our supplies, we found the route pretty easily although we must have confused some people at some point as we did return back into Kinlochleven to purchase a tent only to come back again empty handed!.

Again we found ourselves on the Ascent, which after a nights rest did not seem too bad.  The path was reasonable wide and clearly marked. The Way followed some large pipes  from the back of an old Power / Aluminuim Smelting Works  – so we could once again admire those stunning views.

From 2010 – 08.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Kinlochleven – Kingshouse Walk

From this point on most of the route was under tree cover and streams seem to just tumble down the mountainsides,which was rather refreshing.  It was not long before we were in open countryside again and the Way became a little more difficult to negotiate.   The path became more rocky in places – and despite seem some walkers in little more than trainers – my walking boots were a blessing!  It was not long before we could clearly see “Blackwater Reservoir” in the distance At over 914 m long, the dam is the longest in the Highlands.  This once fed the old smelting works which started our jouney earlier in the day.

As we continued on, we found many walkers had stopped – for a moment I wondered why.  I realised soon that we had reached the highest point of the West Highland Way!   the height is 1797ft (548M if you prefer!) A Cairn marks this prestigious spot – it was easy to see why many people had taken a rest at this point.

From 2010 – 08.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Kinlochleven – Kingshouse Walk

It is then we were on the descent – I could not see the aptly named “Devil’s Staircase” and from my research – if I was doing the West Highland Way the other way around I would think it would be called that for a reason – as it was not good to descend – in fact I was unable to take any photos 😦

However when did manage to eaching the bottom of the “staircase” we reached the road and rested to work out which way was next.  Having thought that we should follow the River Coupall which was across the road, as per the book.   Unfortunately the West Highland way sign (helpfully marked with a thistle) was blocked off and consulting the ever faithful book again (allbeit odd to read backwards!) we decided to follow the path through the nature reserve…  But something didn’t seem quite right.  Particularly when we spotted a walker along the river way over the other side.

So dear readers we foolishly attempted to cross to the river… across solid land – well actually most was boggy & marshy – please do not attempt this if you do this route!!!!  In places we thought we not going to make it.  Eventually getting to river – and to the other side – we decided to stick to the road side. (The A82 runs along the route to Kingshouse) we could now see the Way along the river – very muddy and worn.  We also saw the high route along the road (which we had not noticed the entrance to had we not crossed the road grr!) But we ventually reaching our chosen destination – Kingshouse

From 2010 – 08.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Kinlochleven – Kingshouse Walk

Kingshouse – This an Inn which had stood since 1770’s a traveller rest – built by that Clan Campbell! But that is all that was there! So if you do go this way please bring your tent or book in advance!  Even more disaster struck – I had dropped my blackberry and my companion kindly retraced 1 1/2 miles of the route to retrieve it!  Oh the dangers of pockets.  We both absolutely exhausted and ready to give in – with no tent to stay in – we had to go to Glencoe for the night – 9 miles back in the direction we came from…..

All my photos from day 2 of the walk are as follows –

2010 – 08.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Kinlochleven – Kingshouse Walk


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