West Highland Way – Inversnaid – Rowarddennan Walk – 12.06.2010

After taking the tent down in yet another record time, (I was beginning to think we could enter the Guiness Book of records for depitching a tent! we headed off to Inversnaid hotel for some of breakfast – I was still unsure if the residents were too happy with all these walkers around the hotel – we did look very out of place!

Climbing the concrete steps behind the hotel – which seemed so odd after so many rocks and wooden steps on previous occasions!  It was then we realised the necessity of so much human intervention at this point, when we reached the top,as there was a a huge drop where a waterfall had gouged out the rocks!

The path did not seem to be as rocky nor as treacherous as the previous day –  we found ourselves walking in a Woodland area – Craigrostan Woods.  Again, an area that had been associated with Rob Roy – it had been at one point his property and again as part of the money he owed – he was forced to sell this part of his estate to the Duke of Montrose (I mentioned Rob Roy and the feud between him and the Duke of Montrose previous blog but to read full history click here) . The trail then descended to the loch shore –

From 2010 – 12.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Inversnaid – Rowarddennan Walk

At this point, we thought we would have to face a tough path again, but apart from a few minor areas to climb across the path then became a lovely wide which was nice!  We had noted that the path had two routes to follow – one along the loch shore (the lower route – we could see it in places when we looked down and but it definetly seemed unkept to me!) and the other the higher route which we took.  Sadly, with the higher route we lost sight of the loch – mostly trees in this section and lots of fellow walkers!  We also found in place the coolness of the trees quite welcome.

Despite this being uphill in places this section was very flat and uninteresting – mainly because of the trees – which blocked the views – but there is nothing you can do about that! I think the nicest surprise was coming across Mr Wheldons bench which had been kindly left for all enjoy with lovely views amazing inscription “Someone like you only happens once in a lifetime”

From 2010 – 12.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Inversnaid – Rowarddennan Walk

In fact rest of this section, was one our our fastest walking times! This was due to us now being on a descent after we reached the bench and the path being such a flat track – this was very pleasant after the rough previous days walking. It was then we approached Ben Lomond National park – Ben Lomond itself I have found out is Scotlands most climbed mountain (surprisingly that was not Ben Nevis!!)  We stopped for food, and sat on the beach for a while. Went to the Youth Hostel for a Bus Timetable for the Sunday buses… and thought shall we pitch tent?… its a bit early (it was also very very crowded!

“Rowarddennan and Beyond!!!” we decided to pick up our rucksacks and continue on!  (Thanks Buzz Lightyear for your inspiration!) Walking past the Inn, duly noting the Red telephone box (I didn’t realise many were still in existence except in peoples garden – my previous blog mentions that!

As we walked further we came across another car park area which was obviously very popular with the locals!  Music was extremely loud and the place was full of tents…  It was very very crowded for a Saturday night (felt like a local festival!!).  We decided to move on.    After crossing a bridge we came across an idyllic cottage the Mill of Ross (No not Mill on the Floss!)

From 2010 – 12.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Inversnaid – Rowarddennan Walk

It was then the path parted from the Loch shore and took a new form.  It became narrow again, and started to climb.  We entered a forest area and we heard some strange noises – something was moving and it wasn’t human!!!  In fact I turned around and a we saw a deer leaping through the forest!  *Phew* I turned around again to see a fellow walker just as perturbed as we were.

At this point leaving the woodland creatures (and walker!) behind we found we were on a very high ascent indeed.  At the top, someone wonderful had put “Write Encouragements to fellow WHW Walkers” (Obviously they had also struggled up this hill!)  At this point we reached the University Field Station (Interestingly enough this was the First British University Freshwater Field Station built in 1964 – all to do with the research of waterlife of Loch Lomond from Plankton to fish and Sediments!!)   We then walked on to find a suitable place to pitch tent for the night.

However, as we pitched tent disaster struck the tent broke!  Midges attacked! Luckily safety pins to help out sort out the disaster we scrambled in and rested up for our last night of our walk!

All the days photos (in fact this is where we pitched tent!)-

2010 – 12.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Inversnaid – Rowarddennan Walk



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