West Highland Way – Fort William – Kinlochleven Walk – 07.06.2010

Starting out backwards on the West Highland way was unusual.  Most people would start out at the Beginning and end up where we were about to leave.  The West Highland Route actually runs from Milganvie to Fort William – 95 miles. (I have to admit navigating the West Highland Way book backwards was a little tricky in places!!)

Taking the similar route to the day before – except this time passing the magnificent Ben Nevis instead of climbing it.  We took the route from the Braveheart car park, from the road – although others could take the route from further down and the hostel – but laden with rucksacks we decided to build ourselves up for the rest of the route. (I made note of the entrance in  photo 5!)

The early part of the way was mostly track and uphill.  We always seemed to be on the ascent – and in fact we both thought we were in for another Ben Nevis climb!!    Although it did give us one last view over Fort William –

From 2010 – 07.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Fort William – Kinlochleven Walk

Leaving the large track behind, we now turned to smaller forest path, which narrower and for a while on the descent – in fact the path was very tricky to navigate with large rucksacks through the forest areas, and through trees!  Unfortunately most of the path and the helpful steps had disappeared into mud so we had to navigate our way around other walker tracks – luckily my hiking pole was very handy at this stage!

The forest way was a welcome relief in the heat, cool shade and we even came across fresh cascading waterfalls and lovely streams.     I was a little surprised that this part of the track was quite busy for a while with walkers coming from the other direction – we even come across some resting.    It was then as we came out of the forest it was then we were to enter a vast areas of land that had forest that had been taken down for various reasons.

It was not long before a little info board appeared out of the middle of nowhere (or what seemed like nowhere!) sharing that the area we were standing in a Battle was fought in – “The Battle of Inverlochy”   a fearsome battle for Montrose Royalist army and the battle between the Campbells and the Macdonalds and the Campbells were chased out by the fearsome Macdonalds… read here for more (more later when we reach Glencoe)

We did not catch sight of much on this part of the walk – except sheep (in fact the West Highland Way and Ben Nevis had lots and lots of sheep!!) so we were never lonely but for a while the path did seem desolate…

From 2010 – 07.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Fort William – Kinlochleven Walk

We did catch up with one or two late walkers – as we walked along – I know we were ready to stop at one point – the path just seem to go on and on…. perhaps we should have had one day of rest between Ben Nevis and the start of the walk – but it was too late! But we drove on – and kind walkers encouraged us.  Eventually the sight of Kinlochleven and civilisation only 14 miles after we started was the best thing I had ever seen!

Negotiating a tricky descent in the village and one false turn, we  found our way into Kinlochleven at a late time.  But we found the most friendly of people at the Tailrace Inn – who fed and watered us – they even found us a place of rest 🙂 – Just for you Snow Patrol fans out there – this Inn let us know that the Snow Patrol Bass Guitarist came from Kinlochleven – they even presented a special CD to the Inn which is proudly displayed!!

From 2010 – 07.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Fort William – Kinlochleven Walk

All the photos for the Day 1 of this walk are as follows –

2010 – 07.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Fort William – Kinlochleven Walk



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