West Highland Way – Crianlarich – Beinglas Campsite Walk – 10.06.2010

4.15 am…. early start??! No, not exactly… that was being woken up by a cuckoo!  Oh the joys of camping! Being close to nature and all that!!    Seriously how wonderful to be able to start out directly on the way from the tent 🙂 – thought it was going to be a dull day – but that was only becuase we pitched tent in the shade 😦 – I have to admit the views made up for the darkness of the trees, noisy cuckoo and lack of early morning tea!

From 2010 – 10.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Crianlarich – Beinglas Campsite Walk

I was able to go into Crainlarich to fetch a few supplies (and breakfast!) whilst the tent was taken down.    Now we were fully prepared we made our way forwards towards Inveranan. At this point the Way was lovely terrain to cross, reasonably flat – it was what I would call more undulating than actual stressful ascents and descents!

Interestingly this actual track was an old 18th Century Military road (hence it was so flat) – but I am still trying to find out more about it – It seems that most of the West Highland Way has been constructed from Old Coaching Routes or Military Routes!   It was then I came across a small sign stating that 929 metres of this particular part of route had been repaired thanks to the Calendonian Challenge – the Challenge crosses 54 miles of the West Highland Way in 24 hours! (Fort William to Ardlui!) That would be amazing!

The Way then left the “road” behind to go underneath the road through a very odd tunnel (book refers to it as a Sheep Creep???) and out the other side where we rested a while.   It was not long before we encountered another River – (River Falloch) which looked very welcoming (despite looking brown again!) as the Sun had become very hot!

From 2010 – 10.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Crianlarich – Beinglas Campsite Walk

The path at this point narrowed out and was quite stony – and was cool in the glades – the only noises we could hear were the leaves rustling in the breeze and some shouts… shouts?!?  They got louder!  As we walked on we could also hear the thunderous roar of water.  We managed to peer through the trees and see two daring walkers who had scrambled to the waterfall to brave a dip in the heat!!!!!

As we continued along we had to cross a few more bridges in this wooded area, and the streams were absolutely amazing – it was easy enough to see why the other walkers had decided to take a tip! the water  was incredibly clear – it was also probably good enough to drink (but I wouldn’t because I wasnt sure what animals may have been around!)

From 2010 – 10.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Crianlarich – Beinglas Campsite Walk

As the trail came out of the wood, we came out at at a crossroads – farm or road? Which way now?  There were no West Highland Way markers – Only one telling us to go back the way we came :-\ !  The book seemed a bit confusing and it seemed logical to carry straight on as the path seemed to look the  same! Mistake – It came to a dead end in what seemed to be in the middle of a Sheep Pen! 😦  We had to turn around and come back again. At the top again we saw the clear sign of walkers – energy bar wrappers etc (naughty them for not clearing them up!) and walking boots imprints on the floor!

We decided to brave it and walk the road, even though there were no markers and it did not feel like the “Way” – but in fact it was correct!!!  It brought us to the Beinglas Woods – exactly where the book said we should be phew!   It was then we were at Beinglas Campsite.  Our shortest walk that week and we decided to camp down for the night in a proper campsite after a night of wild camping!! It felt like a slice of heaven!!  For anyone who likes weapon memoriablia – the Campsite had a great bar with a large display of guns and Swords!

All the photos for the shortest walk of the week are –

2010 – 10.06.2010 – West Highland Way – Crianlarich – Beinglas Campsite Walk


30.6.10 14:12


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