Wemyss Bay – Largs Walk – 16.06.2010

This walk was originally to take us into Skelmorie – just next to Wemyss bay where we were staying, just so we could relax on the beach on such a beautiful day.   Unfortunately, there did not seem to be such a beach 😦 and the walk just seem to last a little bit longer than we anticipated!

As we left the bay behind, we found we had reached Lower Skelmorie very, very quickly! Along the way I did spot a path which may have been worth investigating, but it was such a nice day – may be for another time? We followed the shoreline scouring for a beach to relax on – but to no avail. We just kept going. The road just seem to go on and on – the pavements, however, didnt! It seemed, the pavements ran out as soon as the “civilisation” ran out. We found the road awkward to walk along – luckily the view made up for it though –

From 2010 – 16.06.2010 – Wemyss Bay – Largs Walk

As the pavement disappeared the road narrowed, and our idea of catching a bus to Largs (this was the next village / town) was scuppered too as there were no bus stops – and why would we want to do that?! After all we are used to all this walking?  We were slightly unprepared for the heat and a road walk- particularly after about 3 miles of it!  The view made all the difference… I would, however, urge you not to take this route along the road if you were to walk it particularly as we found it a little very disturbing in places when buses overtook! However,  I did come across the most interesting sign, the “Ayrshire Coast Path“.

I had no idea of this path’s existence – I have since discovered that it is Scotland’s newest long distance walking Path (which is quite nice since it is almost opposite Scotlands very first one on the Isle of Bute!)   It looks like an great path to explore at another time!

Our walk continued on past Knock Castle (a private residence – so no visitors) From what I could just see through the tree – a parapet of a castle – it looked in good shape – but from what I have read it has been mostly rebuilt in the 1900’s for a Greenock Merchant – not much remains of the original castle from 16th Century

From 2010 – 16.06.2010 – Wemyss Bay – Largs Walk

It was not long before we entered Largs itself.  Largs – strange name I thought – but I was soon to find out that it had strong ties with a Viking background! In fact the town stands on an ancient battleground between the Vikings and the Scottish in the early 12th Century. The battle is still remembered today at the Viking Festival Dignitaries from Norway and Scotland now come to the celebration of this battle as a sign of friendship between the two countries! I would be hard pressed to imagine a bloody sea battle on such a glorious day!

We found more Ayrshire Coastal Path signs – a touch confusing for me – with two ways to Skelmorie in two different directions! Following the coastal path into a small park, which seemed to be a little neglected to me – particularly as the paddling pool was empty (perhaps for a reason?), I then spotted something I recognised from a previous walk the millennium Beacon…. Just like the one I had seen at Hainualt Forest! Click here to read if you missed it

From 2010 – 16.06.2010 – Wemyss Bay – Largs Walk

I felt comforted that I had travelled so many miles and the symbol of the beacon, meant that my two walks so far apart something in common! Relaxed we made our way onto Largs town to explore the beach, the ferry and perhaps find some Ice Cream!

For all the photos from this accidentally long walk –

2010 – 16.06.2010 – Wemyss Bay – Largs Walk

Wemyss Bay to Largs Walk Route



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