South Park – Valentines Park Walk – 21.02.2010

After the 6 mile walk that took place a few weeks ago, it seemed that most long walks have been of the question recently so it seemed about to time to try to attempt a longer walk!

As mentioned last week blog – two parks had been neglected from last week walk – South Park (and no it is not related to the cartoon characters and nothing to do with anyone who Killed Kenny either!!) and Valentines Park

South Park is a lovely park – it may be small but it is full of of wildlife and there is evidence of it everywhere. I noticed straight away the a nest from last spring! The lake – well not so much a lake but it could hardly be called a pond! Had lots of wildfowl – Swans, Ruddy Ducks, Canada Geese, Moorhens and Mallard Ducks amongst others. Walking around the lake we came across where there obviously had been a bandstand but no longer – could just imagine listening to a brass band in front of the lake on a warm summers afternoon … mmm lovely!

However, I think the thing that impressed me most were the palm trees with new growth in middle of this treacherous winter –

From 2010 – 21.02.2010 – South Park Valentines Park – Goodmayes Park

Moving on from the park, as it was not that large, the walk took us through quite an urban area of Ilford and finally through the town centre. I thought that Ilford did not have any interesting facts but I was wrong – did you know that John Logie Baird – who invented the TV worked on his new invention lived and worked there? Dr Barnados started some of work here, and of course Ilford Photographic Company started life here. If your really interested best Mammoth specimen was found around Ilford too!

I completely and utterly digress! Walking up to Valentines Park, which I have not visited in years, it was a nice to visit it again. It seemed like they repairing a lot of the boats on the lake as unfortunately they seemed to be very old and holy (no not spiritual just have holes in them!) it seemed like they were preparing them for spring time. Despite the clouds and fading light the view of over the lake was pretty spectacular to me

From 2010 – 21.02.2010 – South Park Valentines Park – Goodmayes Park

As we walked on and a little disappointed to see signed painted out like “aviary” etc (perhaps its a good thing?) we thought that the park was being run down after all these years. So we decided to just walk on…. Strange there seemed to an odd coloured building in the distance and very strange signs? So we investigated.

From 2010 – 21.02.2010 – South Park Valentines Park – Goodmayes Park

A school? A house outside of the park? A neat garden in the park? Shock? No gardens belonging in the park? The gardens were from Valentines Mansion! Beautifully restored! An Olde English Garden and a rose garden (not in bloom in February obviously!) A shock find was the Vine which was planted in 1758 – over 10 years later in 1769 a cutting was taken and planted at Hampton Court!!!

Walking around the little canal, it was full of surprises, there were little waterfalls each end. When we walked away from the house and the canal we did find that miniature golf course that I alluded to earlier – sadly grown over and the little hut boarded up – wondering what the fate is of that is next! (sorry to divert but I couldn’t help but mention it! ) We went back round the house, and suddenly discovered not only is it restored its a museum so you can go in – but we missed it by 1/2 so better luck next time. It was all restored by national lottery – so next time you spend £1 and remember you helped restore this wonderful piece of architecture you wonderful people!

With that the scenic part of our walk was over. So training walk begun. We did walk up to Gants Hill just to see what it was like but we decided that we might investigate that another day. We walked back round Ilford Town Centre and up through Green Lane and up to Goodmayes – all seemed like a touch of DejaVu from last week – in fact I recognised some of it in the dark! Except this time there are no photographs from this part of the walk as it is pure walking! and no scenery! We walked straight from Green Lane to Valence Avenue – where there is another park for another time (and Valence House which is under restoration!) Eventually walking to Dagenham and then back to Upney and the largest Sunday lunch I have ever seen LOL

The 1st half of the route is as follows

Route – Part 1

The second half of the route which has not been photographed is as follows

Route – Part 2

All the photos which I did take are below

2010 – 21.02.2010 – South Park Valentines Park – Goodmayes Park



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