Roding Valley Walk – Wanstead Park – 28.02.2010

I had mentioned where this walk was going to take me last week – Wanstead park. I had looked it up on the web and how to get there I was little confused, since the journey planner seemed to take me to Ilford – exactly to where we had walked last week!

So the walk started at a very similar spot, although we did not stop there – outside South Park, and walking straight past straight into Green Lane and up into Ilford Town Centre. To walk into Wanstead park from here, it was a little tricky to find….

Walking down Ilford Hill, it was quite disturbing to see on the opposite side of the road a disused and boarded up pub – the Rose & Crown – now normally I wouldn’t mention it, but it seemed like a Victorian pub and belonged in Whitechapel at the turn of the century… dare I go on – the building next to it however was a modern office block!

Walking quickly on, we found the “Roding Valley Way” . Unless you are looking for them, they don’t really stand out – This was to lead to the park (eventually!) The way is quite well marked out but unfortunately, not really a sight to behold and to be honest, walking under a railway bridge, seeing piles of rubbish, and the like did not really inspire me! I did however, think this was some old rail line at one point (more of that later…) The site wasn’t that bad…

From 2010 – 28.02.2010 – Ilford – Wanstead Park – Redbridge

The route did not seem to be exactly well cared for, but the wildlife did like it, we even spotted a fox out in broad daylight! Although there was a distinct lack of birds to be seen, you could hear them about – it was a shame traffic could also be heard :-(. With the Aldersbrook on our right we came across a junction, to the Golf Course and the Roding River. When we turned into this part of the path, I had a little surprise, as suddenly we were in Epping Forest

From 2010 – 28.02.2010 – Ilford – Wanstead Park – Redbridge

I didn’t realise Epping Forest came out that far! (obviously I knew about it when I did the Epping – Ongar Walk last year!) From uninspiring piles of rubbish and pylons, we were in a forest! Roding Valley Walk signs were still around so we were still on that trail to find Wanstead Park! It was then we found we were about to arrive at civilisation again, when we found a bridge across the River Roding – I noticed more evidence of an old railway…. (more later) and then a decision which way to go. Following the path round, the roding valley way signs ran out! (actually the signs were damaged ) but a more interesting sign was found across another bridge to Wanstead Park!

From 2010 – 28.02.2010 – Ilford – Wanstead Park – Redbridge

The park is a result of and 18th Landscape park from the grounds of the large Wanstead House (which is no longer) – Well I definetly couldn’t tell any of the grandeur that it may have had trudging through the mud in the woodland! But I think in its natural state it is probably its best 🙂 This walk took us behind the Aldersbook riding centre and by the ponds (including the perch pond) and then a surprise hid around the corner.

From 2010 – 28.02.2010 – Ilford – Wanstead Park – Redbridge

This was the temple that was in the grounds of Wanstead house (restored and now open the public I have since discovered!) set in the open grounds of the park it gave some idea of what the grounds of the House would have been like. Unfortunately I did not get chance to walk to other end of the park to the Herony ponds, so I am looking forward to explore this very soon, I think miscalculated how big the park was!

Having lost the Roding Valley walk signs, and being bowled over by what we found, we realised we needed to find a route back! So we walked to the back of the park, and when we did, I came across yet another evidence of that railway… Now the only reason I keep mentioning this, is because I cannot find anything about this on Google anywhere! The only evidence (apart from my walk & photos) is a map to prove that a railway existed by Wanstead park please look on this link –


(if you google – wanstead etc you get central line or gospel oak line!) I had to blog it becuase it drove me mad! But I have since learned that this was actually the “Bridle Path” from the Wanstead Wildlife trust and you can read about this here

When then found our way past the golf course (via Warren drive!) and walked our way around to Eastern Avenue to Redbridge Station

These are all my photos (No google map this time as it misrepresents the route taken!)

2010 – 28.02.2010 – Ilford – Wanstead Park – Redbridge



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