North Greenwich – Greenwich Park Walk – 18.07.2010

The Millennium Dome… Ah yes ill fated as it was, it still stands today, but not remembered for the year 2000 – but as the 02 – a venue for rock concerts mostly!  Our walk took our right outside the dome – and for a brief while we took a stroll inside – just to take in the atmosphere – and as it was a hot Sunday afternoon – it was not exactly brimming with life!   (Although people looked like they were having fun on the temporary Roller Rink though!)

Leaving the dome behind, we embarked on our walk – our aim was Greenwich park.  At first it was a little tricky to negotiate the building works that are still going on around the site.  Luckily the signposts to “Thames Clippers” were a big clue as to the the way to Thames and hopefully the Thames path where we were headed.

The small and winding path took us exactly to where we thought thank goodness! (for a few moments, I thought it was just to the pier and was panicking!)  and we were able to start our walk.  The view wasn’t so exciting, but with beautiful blue skies, it was certainly lovely to behold.

From 2010 – 18.07.2010 – North Greenwich – Greenwich Park Walk

The Thames may not the best river to walk in places, but I have learnt that it is a river that has changed over the years, it has cleaned up its act in many respects – and now is one of the cleanest in Europe!  (In a city I hasten to add)  with many species of fish (including salmon so I understand)  A far cry from where the river was over 30 years ago!

As we continued on, something caught my eye across the river a lighthouse.  A lighthouse in London?  What an earth would London need a lighthouse for?  Perhaps the peasoupers (Nickname of Smog / Fog that user to London Suffer many years ago) were so bad it needed one in the middle of the Thames?  In fact, I have discovered that this was “experimental” lighthouse was built in 1864 by James Douglass and owned by Trinity house (who maintain the Lighthouses of Britain) to train and test equipment!

As we continued our stroll we came across what we thought was an abandoned Jetty.  In fact this was a purpose built jetty for wildlife – which was nice to see!  In fact two cormorants had taken up roost!  The path unfortunately took a turn for the worst sadly – mostly past building sites – so it was not very well maintained.  We even had to take a temporary diversion off the Thames completely and onto the road, which was a little confusing at points for us but we stuck to the “Thames Path” signs and it worked out!  We did get a sneak preview of a Notting Hill carnival float (we think???) whilst walking the street route however (only the top though)!

From 2010 – 18.07.2010 – North Greenwich – Greenwich Park Walk

We were soon back on the Thames and this part of the path was less industrial.  It was very busy with people though, mostly drinking and relaxing from the Tavern that we walked past or just taking a stroll!  We realised that we were not far from our destination, Greenwich Park.

The route did thin out at this part – as it went in front of the National Maritime Museum, and again it was very, very busy with people!   We managed to reach the Cutty Sark.  Sadly for us this was completely under wraps – as it is being refurbished. The ship was built in 1869 and was known as the fastest tea clipper in the world!

Leaving the ship behind, we continued our stroll to Greenwich Park.  We decided to explore rather than just sit and relax as we had originally planned.   Much to my delight we discovered the Royal Observatory at the top of the hill in the middle of the Park!  How wonderful!  It was nearing 7pm on Sunday and it was free and still open!    It showed me the benchmark for Ordinance Survey maps, Mapping of stars – almost the centre of time!  Such a Doctor Who moment!!!

From 2010 – 18.07.2010 – North Greenwich – Greenwich Park Walk

We spent as much time as we were able too here, so would highly recommend it to all if you are interested into stars or time! It was a wonderful experience (I particularly enjoyed the Camera Obscura – just like Midsomer Murders – although felt a little small and crowded)   It was then we had to leave and finish our day – and our lovely afternoon and walk!

All the photos from this walk are –

2010 – 18.07.2010 – North Greenwich – Greenwich Park Walk



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