Isle of Wight – Rookley – Godshill Walk – 17.04.2010

As we walked out – April felt like June and although in a some of my previous walks we had encountered the sun, this was the first walk I could really say that winter felt had truly disappeared.  It was then I was reminded of a great song (I shall only quote from a few verses!!)

“… it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun…”
“…it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it’s all right ….”
© 1969 TheBeatles

Click here for all the Lyrics

Rookley is in the Middle of the Isle of Wight – a small Island – but actually quite decieving when your walking it in when it is hot! The walk took us past vast amounts of farmland and although I noted lots of public footpaths, they would have us taken off our route to the little village of Godshill. These Public footpaths were to the villages of Merstone and Rookley Green (unfortunately in the very small time we were there I didn’t get to visit them – so maybe next time!!)

The walk to Godshill was quite short a few miles at most, and unfortunately by road so I was unable to take many photos (as it was busy for a Saturday), but luckily two very photogenic horses decided to pose for me!!)

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Rookley – Godshill Walk

It was not long before we reached the lovely village of Godshill.  A quaint village, and unsure were the name came from (I will look it up in the next blog) but it was certainly a lovely place to walk around – so we took some time out to look around…

The first place we stopped by were the Tea Rooms & Gardens – the gardens were cooling – it was crammed full of water features!!  They were really lovely and I dont think GroundForce could have done a better job LOL.  Seriously though the gardens have been developed  over many years and very well looked after

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Rookley – Godshill Walk

Walking on from the garden past the old Cider Barn, which had sadly lost it’s lovely thatched roof for the moment (nearly all the cottages in Godshill were thatched) we walked onto the Old Smithy.   I presume this was an old blacksmith at one point, but now a famous attraction as “The Old Smithy Garden” (and has been for many years apparently).   It is extremely well kept and not to crammed.  Although this was not officially a Model Village (That was hidden further down the village), they had even managed to create a miniature version of the Isle of Wight 🙂 !

Sadly, as we walked to the other end of the garden, we came across the worst kind of commercialism ever.  A new tea shop (not so bad) but everything was new!  It was terrible – personally I didn’t like it and I think it would take away from any local business!   Just felt so out of place from an “Old” Smithy….

But before leaving I did manage to taste Isle of Wight Ice Cream!

All My photos are –

2010 – 17.04.2010 – Rookley – Godshill Walk



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