Loughor – Llanelli Wetland Centre Walk – 23.05.2010

Carrying on Our Loughor Walk, from the Beginning of the year, on what was such a stunning day Click Here if you missed it.  Warning! this walk was hastily shortened due to us having to meet friends so apologies in advance!! (I still felt it was worth blogging :-))

Making our Way from  Loughor Castle to the Estuary which was simply glittering in the sunlight – it was so different from the Walk we had in January with all the Cold Weather (but no the less as beautiful)   It felt a shame to have such a large ‘A’ road bridge  spoil the view!  Nevertheless it is a necessary evil – and I am sure the Victorians felt the same about the Train Bridge and the original Road Bridge! (which was no doubt smaller – you can see from my photos the start of the original bridge in one of them!)

As we walked across the bridge, I am across a little fact about the Loughor Viaduct – This was in fact designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel – a remarkable Civil Engineer – designed Iron Steam Ships, responsible for the Great Western Railway amongst other things. Click here if you would like to find out more about Brunel

This 750ft Viaduct may have been altered over the years, but still has the the original timber to support it and therefore remains the only example left of Brunels timber Viaducts.

From 2010 – 23.05.2010 – Loughor – Llanelli Wetland Centre Walk

As with previous walks, we decided to err on the side of caution with our walk and decided to follow the Cycle Path – On this occasion National Cycle Route 4 (I have since found out this is Celtic Trail West) as we run out of proper pavement to walk!

The route took us through a small housing area, it was then we decided to take the route into our own hands (As they say – Do not try this at home Folks! Seriously any readers out there to stick to the cycle route!)  we took a took a short cut as it was a hot day –   For some reason we decided to walk along side the road to find the signs to the National Wetland Centre.

Not noticing we could have crossed the road and crossed the trainline to the wetland centre we took the footpath across a stile and past the Sewage works (warning if you do take this route it is a little smelly) but nonetheless in May the foliage was still beautiful in this part of the pathway.  The best part was to take the bridge across the road.  The Architect the built it made a stirling job of it, it is actually quite artistic – with a blue sky background very beautiful –

From 2010 – 23.05.2010 – Loughor – Llanelli Wetland Centre Walk

Once across the road a it was wonderful to be walking next the estuary again and to be in the wetland centre.  The Estuary was obviously bursting with birdlife – but I did could not see any – but that was probably becuase the tide was in – when we came in January we saw plenty – particularly in the mudflats further upstream.  The river was very busy with Jetskis – and boats making most of the sunny weather.   We took an opportune moment to sit down and enjoy the sun and take in the breath taking scenery.

Unfortunately we could not stay to long since we needed to meet friends later that day – so we need to return to continue this walk – so I leave you with a view from  of where we finished (which will take you to all my photos)-

2010 – 23.05.2010 – Loughor – Llanelli Wetland Centre Walk



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