Isle of Wight – Niton – Ventor Walk – 17.04.2010

Looking for Public Footpaths on the Isle of Wight never seemed to be a problem, there seemed to be lots of signs…  the Coastal path was no exception, but in this instance, as we started to walk this path we discovered that the undercliff path was actually closed! So we had to take a different route…. and we were glad we did.

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk

The path took across top of the cliffs instead of below them along “undercliff drive” as originally planned.    At first I thought the ground land had already suffered from lack of rain, it was then I realised the soil was chalk and was white!  I still cannot quite comprehend how farmers can grow good crops on this kind of land.  But I am assured that a good crop of Garlic is grown elsewhere on the Island! mmmm (along with a Vineyard!!)

The path took a steep climb to a lovely view point, where you could see right across the English Channel.  In the distance, despite the gorgeous sunlight, we could still see the Lighthouse!!  St Catherines Lighthouse, which is the most powerful lighthouse in Britian.  The Lighthouse origins are from the 1300’s!! dangerous waters indeed…

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk

We discovered not only were we walking the Wights coastal path but the Pilgrim Paths of the South Wight – but we did not have time to walk the paths sadly… (Also I cannot find much information about the Pilgrim Paths!!) The landscaped cliffs we had been walking were actually known as the undercliff and is the largest single area of landslipped topography in Western Europe!!

Walking further on, as usual signs ran out, but with as it was a coastal path, there was little chance of losing our direction this time! nevertheless it was still frustrating.  After negotiating a road, and an educated guess that the path opposite was correct (the sign was missing but a post was there) we found our route again…  Along the cliffs for a while but not for long as the path took as longside the roadside.  Again this path suffered a similar fate as it was closed

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk

Walking past a lonely Llama (different from keeping Rabbit I suppose!!)  We then walked into Ventor itself – by Zig Zag Road (I just love that name!) a lovely little seaside town – landscape gardens, waterfalls, to see an artist impression of the Isle of Wight, a lovely fish Restuarant.  Ventor Haven

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk

But the tide was out and the Seaweed made a terrible smell and spoilt it all… sorry about that…!

Apart  from the seaweed smell, we walked along and Ventor is actually a lovely place and as far as I could see being renovated.  One thing really surprised me, were the little beach huts.  One of them was an original bathing machine from the 1860’s!  It’s incredible how it’s survived – I knew Queen Victoria was a big fan of the Isle of Wight (Osborne House is on the Island) how do we know she may have used this one!  The Longshore’s Museum has the details but I can’t find a website to link to 😦

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk

It was then time to end our walks for the day – to sit down and rest! Oh and have some well deserved Dinner!!

Click here for an idea of the Route Map. All My photos are –

2010 – 17.04.2010 – Niton – Ventor Walk



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