Isle of Wight – Godshill – Niton Walk – 17.04.2010

We were about to find out that the village of Godshill was truly set on a hill (or rather some of it!).  We decided to look Godshill Parish Church.  Walking past Batswings Tea Room – one of the original surviving thatched cottage in the village from 16th Century, we started what seemed like a steep ascent to the top of a hill to where the church was based.

The church itself is a fine example of medieval architecture, and although it only has a small amount of Stained glass, I have since discovered, one of those stained glass was designed and created by William Morris Eldest son!  The Church seems to be a thriving church (you could tell by a decent notice board!!).  It also has a beautiful position on the hill and some wonderful views.

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Godshill – Niton Walk

It was time to move on from the church to continue our walk.  Before we move on, I had pondered on the name of Godshill, and I have found out  that the name has been derived from Legend that ” …building of a church was begun at the bottom of the hill but large stones kept disappearing overnight and reappearing at the site of the present church at the top of the hill.  After two consecutive nights work was restarted but after the third removal of the stones it was assumed that God wanted the Church built on the hill and hence the name Godshill was formed..”

We had to continue our walk along the road for a while, which was proving to be very hot.   Indeed the summer was setting in very early.  We turned in to a cooler lane, which was a very welcome relief for walking.  As we walked on, it was not long, before the tell tale signs of a long lost steam railway appeared

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Godshill – Niton Walk

The Isle of Wight was criss-crossed with Railways before the Axe of Mr Beeching cuts, and there was evidence everywhere! For better or for worse, it is still a sad sight to see neglected bridge! This particular route would have been through Godshill and on to Whitwell Isle of wight Rail click here for Route Map and history.

Walking on through Beacon Alley onto the Niton Road, it seemed to become hotter and hotter!  In fact it felt more like July than April…  It made the route seem longer than it actually was.  I had invested a pedometer, so I could tell how far we had walked!  The scenery was mainly farmland (again) and again due to road walking and heat we did not stop to take many photos!

We walked through the pretty villages of Bierley and Kingsgate – both very very small to reach our final destination of Niton (not Nytol which I kept wanting to say!!)

From 2010 – 17.04.2010 – Godshill – Niton Walk

A pretty little village, with one shop with everything in it – a family grocers which was established in the 1890’s – fortunately for us everything in it was not from the 1890’s 😉

So we stopped for a picnic in this lovely village to prepare ourselves for our final walk of the day!

Click here for Route Map. All My photos are –

2010 – 17.04.2010 – Godshill – Niton Walk



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