Isle Of Bute – Rothesay Walk – 15.06.2010

The Isle of Bute  just “Doon The Wattir” from Glaskey! Well I may not have termed that quite correctly so forgive me readers!  This term came from when hundreds of holiday makers used to flock to the Island from Glasgow during July – mostly using the Paddle Steamers – and when I visited the Island – I can see why!

We came across from Wemyss Bay – no longer a paddle steamer but a pleasant enough journey to Rothesay the main town of Bute.  This walk was not originally intended, but we decided to explore just a very small part of the town and surroundings and I thought it was worth blogging it for future reference!

At first we walked around Rothesay itself, which is a beautiful little town, with its own Castle  – which has a history as far back as Vikings – with that in mind some of the walls are still standing!   However, we then decided to leave the town behind to when we spotted a path that seemed to rise above Rothesay – I could not resist!! I knew it would give us some nice views and perhaps we could find a bench to rest and have our lunch – no such luck though – we were able to enjoy the view-

From 2010 – 15.06.2010 – Isle Of Bute – Rothesay Walk

It was then we found the Woodland Walk to Ardencraig Gardens – so with the West Highland Way walk experience behind us we thought we would give it a try 🙂 !  (and find that elusive bench)   I did have one other thing in mind – though – perhaps this was part of the “West Island Way” ?  The Isle of Bute boasts the first national trail in Scotland (before the West Highland Way!) – but there were no indications it was 😦

The path itself seemed to reasonably looked after, and it was reasonably flat.  The route followed the shoreline, when you could see it through the woodland, and the view was quite impressive when we managed to catch a glimpse of it!  We even managed to find that elusive bench to rest and gaze at the view.

From 2010 – 15.06.2010 – Isle Of Bute – Rothesay Walk

We decided not to complete the woodland walk – perhaps our experiences of the West Highland Way were just too recent!  We will need to complete that another time.  We turned off the route, which took us through Leopold Road (the reason I mention this, is Leopold was Queen Victoria’s son who visited this Island quite regularly!)

Our walk then continued along the shore, which was quite pleasant.  We walked past the stone pier, which had a lovely place for tea (which we did not stop at), only to continue “around the corner….  interestedingly enough there was a very strange building – a victorian one.  When we reached there it all seemed to be part of the Waterworks – and was inaccessible.  I have now since learned it was a municipcial building! So not very exciting really – but it did look nice

From 2010 – 15.06.2010 – Isle Of Bute – Rothesay Walk

Despite walking a bit further on, we realised the time and we had to head back towards town as we had a boat to catch!  So we finished our short walk.  So it seems we will have to go back and explore more and find out about the West Island Way as well!

All the photos for this small walk –

2010 – 15.06.2010 – Isle Of Bute – Rothesay Walk



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