Goodmayes Park – Mayesbrook Park Walk – 14.02.2010

Grey and miserable.  Not a day really to inspire walking.  But nevertheless despite it being late in the afternoon, and with absolutely no route planned, we decided to go for a walk.  We are supposed to be training whatever the weather and light after all!

So after a short walk or so, it was then it was then confirmed we were heading for Goodmayes Park.  Not very exciting just straight forward playing fields.  Great for game of cricket or football!  However the park did provide allotments – looking through the fence looked like some great veg patches in there (to plant up I mean!!)   The view over the park was dark and cloudy in the distance the old University in the distance (now being turned into apartments)

From 2010 – 14.02.2010 – Goodmayes Park – Mayesbrook Park Walk

Suddenly the park came to an end….So what now… In fact it wasnt the end – the sign told us it was Goodmayes park extension!  The park was just over the road.  The park itself was totally different to the extension.  It was obviously well used, as despite it still being cloudy and getting slightly dark people were still playing basketball!

I felt lifted out of the urbaness for a while.  Removed.  Not ideallic but enough.    We found that the park did have some history – some of the trees had been planted in 1937 on Armistice Day – The following quote from the bible had been used from Rev 22 v 2 “…The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” – it gave me an idea that these trees were very symbolic and not just planted there to look nice.

Next to the lake they had had created a wildflower meadow.   No wildflowers to be seen in the wintertime however.  The meadow had been created back in 2006 and was originally a concreted area!  So it must be well established.  Walking on to the lake, which I spotted to have a “monet” type bridge (well I call them that after the bridge he used in his art!   The lake was well used by wildfowl.  It was such a shame it was dark and cloudy and not showing the lake in its full glory.

From 2010 – 14.02.2010 – Goodmayes Park – Mayesbrook Park Walk

After slowing down to stare at the lake, we decided to walk on.  The park came to an end.  But that was not quite the end of the walk.  It was much darker now, but we thought we could fit in another park (they normally shut at dusk at this time of year) – but choices… South Park, Ilford – Valentines Park (suitable for the day we walked), Ilford.  So South Park was chosen as it was nearer and getting late.

As we walked on we came across a beautiful clock in the middle of the road.  I have seen these previously but they are normally vintage clocks – this was built in 2000!   I was reliably informed that we were take the road off to south park.

From 2010 – 14.02.2010 – Goodmayes Park – Mayesbrook Park Walk

Somehow the road became familiar and we walked past the entrance of the park we started in!  South Park was not an option today!  Improvising quickly, we decided to go to Mayesbrook park instead.     Despite being dark, we found the entrance by the church of Longbridge road.  With the eye it look quite peaceful in the evening dusk.  I did notice a “Finish” sign sprayed on the floor…. but then the start line suddenly appeared into view – that must have been the fastest race in history if you ask me!

Unfortunately the photos I took did not come out becuase it was just too dark and I was on the move so I did not enough time taking good photos  so I cant really show what the park looks like but there is a small lake in there!

At the other end of the park signalled the end of the walk – Cold and just too dark too do any more!  Roll On Spring!

My Route and photos are –

2010 – 14.02.2010 – Goodmayes Park – Mayesbrook Park Walk


14.2.10 13:58


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