Caswell Bay – Mumbles Walk – 24.05.2010

With another amazing day ahead of us, what better way of spending it but walking along part of the Gower.  Starting off in Caswell Bay, we were to complete our walk from quite a while back!( Click here for this walk from way back in 2009!  )

Caswell Bay is a small, but was absolutely teeming with people, even for a Monday.   The bay was extremely sheltered, and with no wind to hamper the perfect blue skies and sun I just wanted to sit on the beach rather than go cliff walking!

From 2010 – 24.05.2010 – Caswell Bay – Mumbles Walk

Taking a quick look over the edge, I did notice how the sea had created some wonderful formations in the cliffs.     It was easy to see how artists can draw inspirations from this coastline.  I was so reminded of Art Deco or perhaps some cubist artwork when I looked at the Jagged Rocks!

As we continued down the path, we soon discovered that this wass the most unusual cliff path that we have come across, since most of it was not rough terrain but it was actually concreted over – and in some places had a fence of some sort.  I have to admit in the heat I did not have my usual walking boots on so it was a blessing…..

As we continued along the path we could just see that the sea sparking in the sunlight, and we could even see Devon in the dim distance! (Ilfracombe if I am not mistaken – if you read any of my devon blogs you will know that!)  We did spot some public footpaths off the coast paths that looked intriguing to follow but as we did not have our boots, we did not check them out – may be next time!

As we continued around the coast, we eventually made it to Langland bay.  I was amazed by the amount of Beachhuts that are still available! Not many Seasides still have these great tradition – and they are very well looked after too.  (you can just see them in this photo!)

From 2010 – 24.05.2010 – Caswell Bay – Mumbles Walk

These beachhuts do not bear any resembleance to the Victorian beachhuts we saw on the Isle Of Wight.  These were much larger and were not actually on the beach.    I have since learned the “huts” that were on the beach were actually tents!  In fact Langland Bay was famous for it community of Canvas Green Beach tents up until around the 1970s..

For some reason Langland was not as crowded but perhaps this was because it is a larger bay and using the huts for shade!  Stopping only for a Ice Cream we moved on the path towards Rotherslade bay.  The path again was easy walking but nonetheless but it took us of the coast for a while – and we did spot another footpath which did look inviting but again for another time.  It was not long before the coast came in view once again.

This time we were coming round to Limeslade bay.  The coastline was more rocky and dramatic at this point, and little inlets.  We finally reached Limeslade Bay and we found a lovely Ice Cream Parlour there – it has an old 50’s feel about it – and had some old photos of the Mumbles and the bay (We didn’t get chance to really look – perhaps you might if you dear reader get a chance to go!) what a lovely way for near end of walk!  So with a Ice Cream in hand we enjoyed the view for a while,

After enjoying the Ice Cream, we did attempt to walk around the coast once again – but then we realised that the HM Coastguard is stationed just between Bracelet Bay and Limeslade!   (Just a warning if you walk this way!) So we continued to Mumbles head –  All the photos from this walk are as follows –

2010 – 24.05.2010 – Caswell Bay – Mumbles Walk



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