Ben Nevis Walk – 06.06.2010

So this was it, after months and nearly a years worth of training (including Snowdon – well part of it LOL) Ben Nevis loomed over us ready to be conquered – all 4,406ft (~1342.94M whichever you prefer!)

Having found the End of the West Highland Way, ready for the next days journey, we left the route to the Ben Nevis Car Park (although we didn’t have a car obviously!)  where the Ben Nevis Path officially starts.  An alternative start route could have been taken through Glen Nevis Youth Hostel – but this route seemed much nicer!

Having met a nice young lady who was also about to tackle “Big Ben” – allbeit about 10 – it filled me with more confidence to continue on!  The path is lovely and clear to start out with and there is absolutely no mistaking which path you are to take – (although I would still advise that map if you were to start out late)  As the path rose higher the views were absolutely breathtaking-

From 2010 – 06.06.2010 – Ben Nevis Walk

As the path wound itself around the mountain, sure enough we caught up with the family and the young lady which I mentioned.  I am not sure how much they managed, but much credit to them – this path may be well marked but it was still a tough one!  I was surprised how much of the path was being worked on – it was a bit of a shock to find sandbags and a digger half way up Ben Nevis!

As we trekked on, I nervously kept removing my fleece and putting back on again…. Each corner turned a fresh wind blew and we felt the temparature drop – only to be warmed up again by the sun!    It was a constant battle with the elements…

Just when we thought that the summit was never in sight, a kind gentleman said it was just “past the snow” and only 20 minutes to go!    Excellent – going past a lump of snow – hooray not far now – then I realised that’s not quite what he meant… He meant we had to trek through Snow –

From 2010 – 06.06.2010 – Ben Nevis Walk

Now was the time for the fleece and for the path to become a little bit tricky to follow! Thank goodness for all walkers of the past who created these lovely Cairns to follow (and if you go in the future – please follow this great tradition!)

Treking up snow was very difficult (fun for the kids that were sliding down it on plastic bags!) hiking pole was the best thing I could have had!   On reaching the top of the snow I thought we had made it! Hooray the summit!  No it was not   The mist was bad for a while, in fact a little scary for me… Luckily the path was still marked and even better two fellow walkers who passed us earlier, helped us by pointing us to the Summit!

So yes there you go we reached the summit of Ben Nevis 🙂   Very happy indeed  The Summit Buildings – features the ruins of an observatory which was permanently staffed between 1883 and 1904, mainly involved with collecting Metrological data for mountain weather.  We even achieved a Mobile signal for those interested!

From 2010 – 06.06.2010 – Ben Nevis Walk

As the achievement photo was taken, the mists cleared and the views became apparent, and yes dear readers they are amazing, but sadly no photos were taken

I would give you a word of warning on the descent, we did almost lose the path back down, mainly due to the snow and not recognising the path from a different angle.  it freaked me out!  The side of Ben Nevis is very apparent – the sheer drop from the North Face… so please if you go – my advice is stick to the path!

All my photos are –

2010 – 06.06.2010 – Ben Nevis Walk



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