Wivenhoe to Holland On Sea Walk – 01.08.2009

When I arrived at Wivenhoe it was very noticeable that not many people actually got off the train – everyone else was either off to Walton or Clacton by train and not attempting to walk it – very sensible if you ask me!

The sun shone for the earliest part of the walk, particularly through Wivenhoe. The walk took me past the Station Pub, through the small high street, the post office and the Old Post office (which is now a house). After weaving through a residential area, the walk then took me down the country roads into Arlesford – I did manage to stop and admire the views on the way –

From 2009 – 01.08.2009 – Wivenhoe to Holland On Sea Walk

Arlesford is a tiny little village, but it boasts its own little level crossing, but not much else (Although if I remember correctly I think their may have been a lovely fish & chip shop there at one time but I might be wrong!) Walking on from Arlesford the walk takes you to Thorrington and although the walk is supposed to be roads the walk is very green –

From 2009 – 01.08.2009 – Wivenhoe to Holland On Sea Walk

The walk took me into Thorrington and the sign “reduce your speed” became more and more prevelant. I noticed more and more people not taking any notice 😦

My walk runs parallel to the River Colne, past Brightlingsea. i was rather taken aback however when I spotted the largest field of lettuces I had ever seen! That is one veg patch I wouldn’t like to maintain. I bet they need to watch the amount of snails they would like to munch through that little lot!

From 2009 – 01.08.2009 – Wivenhoe to Holland On Sea Walk

Past farmers fields of hay and stables and the most amazing field of green grass doing nothing! Except possibly some bunny rabbits enjoying tasty new grass. The route then took me on past the St Oysth turning, which was very busy – I think by this point everyone may have been leaving or left the beach – (since the weather had turned – it had been raining 😦 )

Past the Brace of Pistols.. yes a pub – didn’t stop for a drink however. Past a lovely thatched cottage, I thought I had been walking for that long I had taken the wrong turning and was back in Devon! But I wasn’t Battling onwards the, through the rain which seemed to get a little worse, around the corner the sign for Clacton On Sea Hooray!

From 2009 – 01.08.2009 – Wivenhoe to Holland On Sea Walk

Walked on through Great Clacton and onto Holland On Sea and onto the Roaring Donkey – (no not a real donkey a pub) to catch a bus to Walton On The Naze get a cuppa and put my feet up again!


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