Whippendell Woods – Chandlers Cross Round Walk – 13.09.2009

I was under the impression the day before that September was going to be a glorious Indian Summer, so I thought we might have had a gorgeous Sunday Walk in Whippendell Woods (Which I have mentioned in previous blog!) – Sadly the weather decided that it would be cold instead – but it was dry at least!

There are many paths in Whippendell woods – particularly bridleways – in fact some of the paths have names – one of them is known as “Lime Avenue”. It is also a place that is easy to get lost in. After leaving the many other dog walkers and the main paths behind to go down a route that seemed to be “unexplored” it became very, very quiet – that is very disturbing in a wood – I think more disturbing was the fact that man holes were “popping” up all over the place! Briefly the sun appeared – How can you tell in the middle of the woods – well – our shadows became much stronger…

From 2009 – 13.09.2009 – Whippendell Woods – Chandlers Cross – Round Walk

At last there seemed to life ahead and a cottage… and an entrance. Looking at where we were we had made it to Rousebarn Lane and to the other side of the wood! Crossing over the lane we found Harrocks Wood – owned by the Woodland Trust – we just wandered in – definitely worth another look another time!

We finally made it to Chandlers Cross. Strange little place – it doesn’t seem like a village to me – as there is no shop (well not that I could see anyway!). There is a telephone (red telephone box at that!), church and pub! The church, however looks more like an air raid shelter, and I can’t really imagine having a service in there!

From 2009 – 13.09.2009 – Whippendell Woods – Chandlers Cross – Round Walk

After a stop for a quick drink at the pub (well not quite pub for walkers – but it was nice anyway) we decided to use the lanes back towards Whippendell Roads, we discovered that this was quite precarious – as there were no pavements… It was quite hilly in places and I was very glad of my walking stick for balance.

On the route, we discovered the “Lord Hyde Memorial Campsite” – we thought might find a public footpath through the campsite to the woods, no such luck however, as the campsite was a private one – it turned out to be a Scout Camp (Lord Hyde we subsequently found out was a member of the Clarendon family – who owned the Grove and left this to the 1st Watford Central Scout Group – but don’t quote me on it totally!)

So we hastily left the entrance to the campsite and started our walk back round to the woods. We walked on past the Quarry and saw the original gatehouse to the Grove (A photo of the grove is available in a previous blog Ironbridge Lock to Lady Capels Lock)

From 2009 – 13.09.2009 – Whippendell Woods – Chandlers Cross – Round Walk

It was then a shortish walk back to the entrance of Whippendell woods and back home for Sunday lunch – mmmmmm

If you want to look at all the photos that I took on the route and the route map please click here



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