Tottenham Marshes – Tottenham Lock – Shortish Walk – 16.08.2009

Just a shortish Sunday walk this week:-) It started from Blackhorse Road, which is in the Borough of Waltham Forest, an area which I have never explored before (I think I am finding out more and more of London these days) and through Blackhorse Lane. Sadly as it is noted in previous walks, the footpath signs to Tottenham Marshes was very well hidden beneath lots of foliage!

From 2009 – 16.08.2009 – Tottenham Marshes Walk

The path itself was not very exciting and led me past the Walthamstow reservoirs. The path is all part of the Lea Valley Country Park – which did not really look like a Country Park to me. It lead me past some housing and then the path split off past the Banbury Reservior, where I spotted some horses so it looked promising for wildlife. Then there was part of the Tottenham Marshes, quite nice so I stopped for lunch –

From 2009 – 16.08.2009 – Tottenham Marshes Walk

At this point it was quite quiet until you heard a massive roar from a football stadium – (I wasn’t quite sure if that was a positive thing or not – you can never tell those things when it comes to football…) I decided to walk on. It was then I suddenly came across a little bridge and a little surprise. There was little river teaming with life – fish, baby moorhen’s and really great flowers

From 2009 – 16.08.2009 – Tottenham Marshes Walk

It I couldn’t believe my eyes a Canal boat?! What an earth was that doing there?! I thought I was seeing things… I didn’t realise there was a canal in the area – Actually it was the River Lea to be more precise.

From 2009 – 16.08.2009 – Tottenham Marshes Walk

The Walk then became a leisurely stroll down the river, it was quite beautiful and relaxing – which was totally unexpected – cyclists, people canoeing and people fishing. I walked up to Stonebridge lock and where I found a little cafe where I could buy an ice lolly ( which was well deserved as it was really hot – well it is August after all!)

Continuing down the River Lea, it was nice to discover some more Swans and at least one Signet but sadly it turned became back into the end of my walk at Tottenham Lock to the Forest Road at Tottenham Road – But I found loads more to explore – since Hackney Marshes were the other end of this river.

But on my way back I did found out one interesting fact, Waltham Forest was the birth place of William Morris – a great Pre-Raphaelite Artist, Craftsman, designer, writer!

From 2009 – 16.08.2009 – Tottenham Marshes Walk


Here is my route with all the photos!


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