Tenby and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path – Taster! – 01.10.2009

A big thanks to the people on Twitter (particularly @Spenbroc šŸ™‚ – and anyone else who may have mentioned to me!) who introduced me to the idea of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path! I have been looking forward to this after experiencing so much of the South West Coast Path!

This time we absolutely made sure that had loads of time to get to the station for the Tenby train this time and we did – we made it! Sadly however, I was unaware that the the stop for Saundersfoot was a request stop! Which was the original plan to walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby. Ā  So investigating Tenby’s part of the path it was…

I was harshly reminded that I was meant to be resting during this week and not hiking which was a tough one for me as am not very good at resting…

Tenby is very unusual – it is a walled town – which was built to keep out the Welsh! (in the 13th Century I hasten to add – very chequered history that Wales has!) so it is you cant really walk around it – you walk with in it in order to use the path!

We decided to bypass the island and take the path past the lifeboat station – old and new. I noticed some more of the Tenby walls on my way past. Instead of walking down the harbour, we went up to the high street, and went past a lovely old sweet shop – which sold real “old” sweets (rhubarb and custard, cola cubes, sherbert pips etc – and ice cream!!) so to set me of despite being the 1st of October – Ice cream it was.

Passing the high street, on to a row of houses to which Beatrix Potter herself actually stayed! She even sketched one of the ponds from one of the gardens… so next time you look at Peter Rabbit…

From 2009 – 01.10.2009 – Pembrokeshire Coast Path – Tenby

Venturing further on we found the Pembrokeshire Coast Path at last – I was so excited. I had been so looking forward to walking this path for months! I was confused as the path seemed to split in two – but this was purely because it went past a caravan park and the path was diverted to go into the back and beyond into a field! Unfortunately I didn’t go further on this day… (I am now saving up all my Pembrokeshire walks now and cant wait to complete them all!)

I did sneak a look at the top of the hill to see the magnificent sight of the Pembrokeshire coastline which is simply stunning, couldn’t resist it! We turned around and walked back down and instead of walking back past the houses we took long winded stairs to the wind swept beach and walked to the harbour. Tenby Harbour may be small but beautiful. We circumnavigated the rest of the town via the beach and made the path to the golf club which runs along side the other side of the town.

It is a nicely clearly marked path at this point and you cant
miss it! It runs parallel with the Railway at this point so at least you have some guidance which good – because there would be no lighting! But you wouldn’t expect that on an coast path!!!!

I look forward to more of Pembrokeshire Coast Path! šŸ™‚

2009 – 01.10.2009 – Pembrokeshire Coast Path – Tenby



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