South West Coast Path – The Lizard – 15.06.2009

Skipping a huge part of the South West Coast Path it seemed to me, we went to the Lizard today.  Surprisingly not full of four legged chameleon like creatures either – it is just named that way by many sailors who believe that it land is shaped like a “lizard”…

So it was just a short walk really, a taster of the South West Coast Path round the Lizard Point.  A well trodden path at that.

From 2009 – 15.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – The Lizard

The Lizard itself is the most southernly point of England, which I didn’t realise – I think the most scariest fact I learned about the Lizard was the amount of shipwrecks that had happened around the coast – scary 😦  – I think the amount of books that have been written (or still could be written) on this subject is vast. The Old Lifeboat Station (now abandoned) at the Lizard is testament how long that they have needed something there – the rocks are treacherous. (There is a lighthouse with Foghorn to lookout for ships now)

From 2009 – 15.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – The Lizard

A little taster of the path was decided. Just up until the next corner then.  Well, we shall see.  The Weather was very changeable, one minute hot and sunny and the next threatening to rain (yes it did rain at one point) but the path is well maintained, and despite a slight complaint from one of my walking companions “What have you let me in for?” or something similar! – nothing that I had not heard before from others that have walked with me of course…. (particularly when I always say… I wonder where that path goes…) I digress..

Walking past Pistil Meadow and up some little steps to the other side, we had gone further than anticipated (!) and had finally reached Old Lizard Head – Quite a view.  Brilliant  – the little walk was well worth it. So much so I sat with my feet dangling on the edge LOL

So that was the end of my walk. Back into Lizard and to a nice sandwich and tea.  Not before a massive storm rolled over the place where we just walked (it was hot and sunny over us!) and boy I have never seen a herd of cows move so fast – I thought they may have been practising for the Olympics!



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