South West Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion Walk – 14.06.2009

So picking up the South West Coast Path from where I left off in September 08 from the charity walk, seemed like a lovely idea to at least attempt so of the path as part of the training for next years in Scotland (but is Scotland terrain the same – having been to Scotland can safely say some of the path is very much the same!)

Anyway, negotiating the path past Penzance station was quite easy the path is on the flat and goes alongside the trainline, no trains came chugging past – I think we were faster than the trains – mostly sitting there doing nothing – I am glad I didn’t book an apex ticket for any of them!

From 2009 – 14.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion Walk

The path goes past some very old sidings (rusting rails, most of the wooden sleepers taken up – thought they might look nice in my garden LOL) and as you walked further up you go past the old Marazion station house (now a holiday cottage) and the trainline and the path divide.

Having to go down a little bit of road going past the RSPB sanctuary – which I thought RSPB stood for Royal Society of Protection of Birds NOT Royal Protection of Bunnies….. there were lots of bunnies there and one swan! still looked beautiful 🙂

St Michaels Mount looking amazing as it rises out of the water, but it always looks a pretty magnificent sight. But the other sight that caught my mums attention was the market on the other side! Oh well, mostly books and plants (never seen so many plants on sale!) and there was a little fair too.

Leaving the little fair behind, walked up to Marazion village itself for a tea – yes this is a nice little walk today 🙂 and to check the path route – The London Loop is not the only route with bad signage (see My Sponsored Walk 08 Blog and the lack of Acorns…)

However, a friendly local and the book proved right and the path was picked up again to the beach the other side of the village.

From 2009 – 14.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion Walk

The path wasn’t too bad, dodgy concrete steps in one place, but because there had not been any rain, it was lovely and dry.  The path led to a rocky beach where one of my walking companions stayed and two of us went on for a little longer, some dreadful metal stairs led us up to some fields (after negotiating some stiles) and if we hadn’t left our companion behind, we would have made it round to Perranthanoe – but it was not to be 😦

So back it was – but on meeting it was worth it… why?  Dolphins!! Yes Dolphins were in the bay, how absolutely amazing 🙂

Walking back past St Michaels Mount View

From 2009 – 14.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion Walk

to take in a nice cold drink, bumped in to what was thought to be morris dancers – no the Falmouth Band to be more precise, in the local tavern, so we stayed in the village for the carnival and some ice cream – and whilst waiting for the bus (open top bus) saw a pair of bird of prey – great – all in Cornwall too!


All the photos for this walk are as follows –

2009 – 14.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Penzance to Marazion Walk

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