South West Coast Path – Mullion Cove – Just a Taster – 15.06.2009

After the Lizard, we popped by Mullion Cove, notorious for smugglers (or was it??)  It housed one of Cornwalls oldest Lifeboat stations, which indeed was still there in spirit at least.

The Cove itself was a lovely little harbour and nice to  sit by, even the fluffy little baby seagull looked so cute! What about the South West Coast Path?  Well there were a few faded signs, then some solid signs, well they looked good, until they looked like they were pointing into someones back yard with someone washing line in it!

My investigating feet needed to take a look – It seems that this part of the path is not particularly well looked after, you have to navigate through peoples back yards, and the path is very thin, but as you walk to the top of the cliff, the struggle is worth it.

From 2009 – 15.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Mullion Cove

The Rocks jut out from the sea and even though I am never keen on seagulls, you can watch the nesting seagulls sitting on the edge of the rocks – and the fluffy fledging seagulls looking cute and innocent – it is indeed a beautiful place to be.

From 2009 – 15.06.2009 – South West Coast Path – Mullion Cove

I note that there were no more acorns past this point – although the path seemed well trodden and a little narrow – I returned to the cove at this point to my companions – I told you this was a taster I’ll be back (as The Terminator so politely put it) – I have a feeling I would like to trek the entire 630 miles to be honest!



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