Penyhreol – Loughor – 01.01.2010

So this was the first walk of 2010! Having already braved the small walk the previous evening it was nice to be able to actually see it in the light!

Penyrheol is very quiet and is very beautiful. In fact where I started out from was on top of a hill, and you can see the Loughor Estuary in the distance. (It is stunning at night when there is a blanket of stars!)

From 2010 – 01.01.2010 – Penyrheol – Loughor

The walk took us down the rural streets of Penyrheol to the Crossroads – One way Gorseinon – the other Loughor. Today was Loughor. Instead of following the long road round as we had the night before, into the village of Loughor, we headed off the road past the the Reverand James Pub (nice I am told!) and headed to the Glan-y-mor park via a short public footpath.

It was sunny and beautiful, but it was very, very cold. Despite the cold there were many people out and about. As meandered along the estuary we noticed lots of birdlife – unfortunately I was unable to identify all of it – I was disappointed that I had not brought a pair of binoculars! (although we did notice a little dog decided to wade his way in and chase all the birds away!)

The path comes to an abrupt end – well thats unless you want to brave the mud of the estuary that is! So we walked around the edge of the so called “marshy” area – well not so marshy in January it was thick with ice! (look very carefully!)

From 2010 – 01.01.2010 – Penyrheol – Loughor

We reached the road and came across a building – well a B&B to be precise – ok thats not very exciting you may think, but actually it was supposed to be the birthplace of Evan Roberts the Welsh Revivalist! (You may also note that Pisgah Chapel is in the area too – but I didn’t get there this time – next time!)

We then walked back in Glan-y-mor park and could see the Sun was setting over the Loughor Bridge – it is certainly beautiful. Time to head back. We walk through the park and then along the Estuary path. The path takes you the bridge, past the Loughor boat club – you then reach Loughor Village – well there is a nice little pub and oh and Loughor Castle!

What a lovely walk to start New Year

My photos and walk route can be found below

2010 – 01.01.2010 – Penyrheol – Loughor



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