Parsloes and Central Park – Dagenham – 31.05.2009

With no real walk planned  – unfortunately – Epping is still on the list “to do” but the gorgeous weather prevented the travel to get to the forest – well not so much prevented – just to nice to get on the train / buses involved to get there! (Similarly engineering works to other places like Greenwich got in the way!)

Yes I would love to have been on the pembrokshire coast path but was sadly not near enough!

So it was decided for an easy afternoon stroll rather than a proper training walk – just to go to the parks round dagenham – particulary Parsloes Park – which we had passed on the bus on the way to Hainualt…

Getting there was via walking roads – I was find the a difficult one in the sun – I like parks / trees and not the urban areas!  Entering the park – it has so much potentially, I was so sad you couldn’t sit by the lake!  It still had fences from many years back – flowers and wildlife were still abundance, as only round the corner – geese, ducks, coots and baby coots at that.

From 2009 – 31.05.2009 – Dagenham Parsloes and Central Park Walk

Children were happily playing, and walking on found the bowling green which was being used – sounds just like a sound afternoon thing – bowling on the green…………… But the park was smaller than planned and we decided to walk on to Central Park.

Behind the park there are vast football pitches – ok well not that vast just seem to go on for ages! Personally I wondered who trained there – I don’t think it was some Premiership team though. Leaving the pitches behind, it meant trudging roads yet again! Even so, with one wrong direction, and a stop for ice cream, we finally arrived at Central Park….

The park entrance used was not the usual one, but through the memorial gardens – which are quite impressive but small.  THe park itself is a large expanse of ground and trees – no lake but the shade of the trees was cool and refreshing so time to stop and eat!

2009 – 31.05.2009 – Dagenham Parsloes and Central Park Walk



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